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I'm wondering whether i should take psychology courses next semester. I am in a computer science program, but I would like to expand my knowledge in other areas as well. I, therefore, took some english and philosophy courses as electives. It seems that the natural way to proceed with my humanitarian education would be to take some psychology.

And yet I have some doubts; As bass-invader recently pointed out, computer science and math alters your thinking patterns and your friends no longer recognize you. Furthermore, after taking phylosophy courses, I started to analyze everything I encounter even more thoroughly than before. Recently, after reading some Freud, I cought myself starting to examin the behaviour of people more and more.. I'm not saying it is bad, but it definitely is most uncomfortable.

My questions are to those who have taken any university level psychology courses: Do you involuntarily find yourself analyzing the behaviour of those who surround you? If so, how do you feel about it? How do they feel about it? Would you have taken psychology again if you had the choice?
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btw first year psych (at U of T) is basically a very broad survey course...I wouldn't worry about the material "messing with your shit" too much or forcing you into telescopic or solopsistic thinking

when I took it there were about 2000 kids in Conn Hall throwing paper airplanes around and the prof presided over us via videotaped lectures

it's really not until the more specialized second year courses that you run the risk of actually learning something


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Yeah but PSY100Y1 is a prerequisite for all later courses...
Did you learn anything useful in that course? What about second year courses? Like them? Which ones? How do they affect you?


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i took psych at western
no, i don't look at people any differently, but I think that has to do with the fact that i've always had an analytical side to the components of human interaction. I've always been interested in how others relate and interact with their environments, and my degree has helped me see in others what may or may not exist in myself.
If you're really interested in broadening your ability to analyze not only others, but also yourself then by all means take an abnormal psych course, or even a learning theory-related course, it'll broaden horizons at the very least :)


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I did my honours degree in psychology and would be happy to talk about any courses and their relevance to anything :p email me or something.



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Think about sociology instead... I ended up with a minor in soc when I found it quite interesting...
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Originally posted by PosTMOd
Think about sociology instead...

I was just going to say this!!!

Psych at UofT is mostly science based, and apparently very difficult!!! meanwhile, sociology is much more interesting and easier!!!! *S* (first year, anyway)

Laura <--- hasn't taken either!


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I have a degree in neuropsych/cognitive psych... if you're in computer science I would recommend some courses in cognitive psych. You won't start analyzing people but it will help your computer science work for sure. Highly recommended...


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I have a degree in sociology, and i have taken some psych courses, which i found extremely interesting, i would definetly recommend taking at least Psych 101, and if you like it, you can continue to take other courses.



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Any class that does not change the way you think is a waste of time.

Definitely at least a few university level psychs are worthwhile. Psych101 as an obvious starter and then some of the neuropsychs would be terribly interesting for someone in CS.

That's what I did.

Now, whenever I talk to people, all I see is a wet computer blabbering its hex dump equivalent.



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I'm about 2 exams away from finishing my degree in psychology and criminology at U of T...

If you're at U of T as well I would probably reconsider taking first year psychology unless you really don't have to worry about your GPA or unless you're pretty sure you can do amazingly well... the course is a "weeding-out" course... almost all multiple choice questions made purposely hard so that the majority of people can't go on in psychology.... if you have any more questions ask me (pm or e-mail at emma_haydon@camh.net)

And PosTMOd has a good idea... consider sociology... the first year course at U of T is quite alright and there's several interesting higher year courses (for instance, Deviance and Social Control)... there's a lot more interesting sociology topics to cover and psychology topics (especially the second year courses) are relatively tedious...

*would have reconsidered doing a degree in psych if I knew about the experience beforehand*
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I took PSY100Y at U of T...kind of a boring course. Well, no, not really. It's kind of divided into sections (eg. physiology, social psych, developmental psych) to allow you to survey the sub-categories of the field. If you take it, don't bother going to class, it's useless. Just read the book at home. But its worth taking it to get to the 2nd and 3rd year courses. After taking PSY100, try the Abnormal Psych course (excellent), the Personality & it's Transformations course, the Moral Development course, or the Sex Roles and Behaviour course. They're all super fucking interesting. And no, it doesn't make you overanalyse things I don't think...I dunno. I kinda do that anyway, so taking psych courses just allows my brain to validly analyse people/situations, instead of using my own crackhead theories. :eek:


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Originally posted by air-bag My questions are to those who have taken any university level psychology courses: Do you involuntarily find yourself analyzing the behaviour of those who surround you? If so, how do you feel about it? How do they feel about it? Would you have taken psychology again if you had the choice? [/B]
I loved psych classes, especially social psych. I found them tremendously interesting & thought-provoking. It's funny to consider the "science" behind human behaviour.

Although they do make you analyze things a little more deeply & question the true reasons behind what goes on in this crazy universe, I feel this is a good thing rather than a bad thing. As long as it's kept in check, it helps you understand yourself & the world around you a little better. Just resist the urge to try to "conquer" everything you come across & all should be well.

Just my opinion ...

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Psych 101 rocks.

You go through the typical Skinner, Freud, Jung etc.

But it gives you great basis, and I'll probably end up taking more advanced courses if it's interesting to you.