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PS3 Remote Control

Discussion in 'Buy & Sell & Rent' started by SmoothOperator, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. SmoothOperator

    SmoothOperator TRIBE Member

    If anyone needs a remote control for their Playstation 3, I've got mine up for grabs. It's about 6 months old, works flawlessly, and is in mint condition. Beats using a controller when watching blurays or streaming content.

    Futureshop is selling them for $25 plus taxes. I'll let mine go for 10 bucks.

  2. DJ Vuvu Zela

    DJ Vuvu Zela TRIBE Member

    i'm interested. where are you located?
  3. SmoothOperator

    SmoothOperator TRIBE Member

    Sorry for the late reply! I'm at College & Euclid! I've got someone interested from Craigslist, but he can't come get it until Thursday. If you can swing by before then it's yours!

    btw I'm selling it for $15 on CL. Triber DEAL! :p
  4. DJ Vuvu Zela

    DJ Vuvu Zela TRIBE Member

    for some retarded reason i can't send you a PM to get more info. I'll try to find your ad on craigslist to email you.

  5. SmoothOperator

    SmoothOperator TRIBE Member

    SOLD! Forgot to do this yesterday :p

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