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Protesters delay debate on Hutton Report

Boss Hog

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Protesters delay debate on Hutton Report
Last Updated Wed, 04 Feb 2004 10:57:34

LONDON - Anti-war protesters shouting from the public gallery forced the temporary suspension of Britain's Parliament on Wednesday during the debate over the Hutton Report.

Several protesters had to be dragged out after screaming "Murderer" and "No more whitewashes" at Prime Minister Tony Blair during the debate.

"I somehow feel I am not being entirely persuasive in certain quarters," joked Blair.

The Speaker of the House of Commons suspended debate for 10 minutes while the gallery was cleared.

British lawmakers are debating the long-awaited report by Lord Hutton into the death of weapons inspector David Kelly in July. The report was released last week.

Hutton said the government did not "sex up" a dossier on Iraqi weapons, a claim made by the BBC.

"Not a single shred of evidence was presented to his inquiry that would have justified an alternative finding," said Blair during the debate.

Hutton criticized the BBC for "unfounded" journalism, which led to the resignation of top executives from the network.



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yeap.. supposedly it's a blatant whitewash..

I have the full report in PDF at home, but I haven't browsed through it yet.

Boss Hog

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yes let's parallel this situation to the marijuana issue.


his opposition is the majority of his country, even if it's just opinions.
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Vote Quimby

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He has no political opposition. Which means come election time, Labour will still be voted in with a majority government.

And who's comparing it to the mary jane issue? I'm just using Cretin because he essentially ruled this country without threat of losing an election. No party is a threat to Labour.