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Proper Disco Action

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Bernnie Federko

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It is a slow connection, but worthwhile. I recommend snagging it anyway.

here's the tracklist for you who are interested!

Nicky Sangiamo - tracklist

Inner Life - I'm Gaught Up
Eastbound Express - Never Let Go
Chantel Curtis - Get Another Love
Montana Sextet - Heavy Vibes
Gino Soccio - Dancer
Kat Mandu - I Wanna Dance
Linda Clifford - Hold Me Close
Candi Staton - When You Wake Up Tomorrow
Brothers Jonsson - Stomp
Chicago - Streetplayer
Gene Chandler - Get Down
Oliver Cheatham - Get Down Saturday Night
K.I.D. - Dont Stop The Music
X -X white label
Exodus - Together Forever
War - Galaxy
Gino Soccio - Dance To Dance
SKYY - First Time Around
Mystic Merlin - Just Can't Give You Up
DD Sound - Burning Love
Silver Convention - Fly Robin Fly
Silver Convention - Get Up And Boogie
Patrick Duvét - Wake Up And Make Love With Me
GQ - Disco Nights
Richie Family - Sexy Men
Miguel Brown - Symphony Of Love
Instant Funk - Got My Mind Made Up
Slick - Space Bass
MFSB - Love Is The Message
Laura Taylor - Lady Scorpio
Loose Joints - Is It All Over My Face
Chic - Dance, Dance, Dance
Billy Nichols - Give Your Body Up To The Music
Taana Gardner - When You Touch Me
Donna Summer - I Feel Love
Don Ray - Standing In The Rain
Eastside Connection - You're So Right For Me
T-Connection - Do What You Wanna Do
Electra - Feels Good
Salsoul Orchestra - Runaway
Fate - ? (white label)
Love Committee - Law And Order
Queen Yahna - Ain't It Time
Jeannie Shy - Night Dancer
Celi Bee - Superman
Boys Town Gang - Cruisin'
Kat Mandu - I Wanna Dance (Instrumental)
Patrick Cowley - Menergy
Phreak - Weekend (Levan Remix)
Musique - Keep On Jumpin
Fat Larry's Band - Lookin' For Love
Macho - I'm A Man
Cerrone - Love In C Minor
Bohannon - Lets Start The Dance
Michael Jackson - Don't Stop Till You Get Enough
Michael Jackson - Thriller
Gino Soccio - So Lonely
MacFaden - Ain't No Stopping Us Now
Chaka Khan - Ain't Nobody


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I am really feeling the disco lately........... thanks for the mix

I feel like busting out the big collars and calling my old coke dealer
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Anyone know of a disco night out there? I'm feelin' the fever... :( and need some release....need a fix soon.


very serious about this chooch.


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This mix is converting me from a house head to a disco head.... fuckin recommend all to d/l this....... 4 hours of very excellent smooth disco