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Propellerheads Reason 2.0 Revealed


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Source: Propellerheads

Propellerhead Software, the Swedish company behind acclaimed products such as Reason, Recycle! and ReBirth today announced Reason 2.0, an upgrade to its popular flagship music software program.

Reason is an enormously successful software program for both Windows and Mac platforms that emulates a rack of electronic synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, FX’s and sequencers. Though only released in November 2000, Reason has already received many prestigious industry awards and established itself as the most exciting music software product of the decade.

New Features in Reason 2.0 include:
Malström Graintable Synthesizer:
A new invention from Propellerheads that combines granular synthesis with wavetable synthesis. Graintables are extremely flexible and expressive sound sources, which allow for comprehensive manipulation. This includes being able to move through a sound by controlling the movement with real-time controllers, velocity, modulators and finding exciting new possibilities by controlling the spectral harmonics of the Graintable.

To that comes the filter and crunch sections. Malström’s two filters both have 5 different modes including 12dB/oct low pass, band-pass, subtractive and additive comb-filters and an AM mode. A shared filter envelope is also included which can control either or both of the filter sections at the same time.

As an integrate part of the second filter, the Shaper adds another dimension to Malström. It basically shapes the input signal with either a sine wave, noise or can transform the sound using saturation, digital distortion or bit-reduction. Furthermore the oscillators can be routed in many different ways to the two filter sections providing a vast amount of sound manipulation options.

Malström also feature 2 modulators/LFO’s with a wide variety of curves available. Used in One-shot mode these can be used to generate interesting attacks or envelopes and can also be used as tempo sync’ed LFO’s.

As you would expect from a Reason device, the most dynamic sound generating parameters can be controlled using CV and Gate controls from the Matrix sequencer or other Reason devices. Malström even provides audio inserts between oscillators and filters with the added benefit of being able to use both filters as stand-alone devices. Malström’s truly unique and interesting sound is destined to make it a favorite among Reason users.

NN-XT Advanced Sampler:
A new powerhouse sampler, the NN-XT is packed with useful features to build stunningly realistic instrument patches. Where the existing NN-19 is a ”fast-track” sampler, the new NN-XT is for more demanding sampling tasks. Powerful features include automatic pitch detection and mapping of samples, graphical zone editing, loop editing, layering plus zone velocity switching, and crossfading.

Each selected zone (or zones, if multiple are selected) can furthermore be programmed individually using the extensive synthesis facilities. These include filter with 6 different modes, 2 LFO’s, 2 envelopes, micro tuning capabilities and routing to any of the 16 audio outputs.

The alternate function is another unique NN-XT feature. By randomly alternating between zones whenever the same key is played repeatedly, the NN-XT makes sure the same sample is never triggered twice in a row. The result is added realism.

For all its power, the NN-XT is as intuitive and easy to use as any of the other Reason devices. The graphical editing display can even be folded in or out depending on whether advanced editing is required. Macro controls located on the front panel make editing of the most commonly used parameters a breeze and keeps patch adjustment simple. The NN-XT also loads SoundFont 2 patches and samples providing access to a huge existing library.

Enhanced sequencer features:
In Reason 2.0, the main sequencer breaks free from the rack and can expand fully across the screen or be resized and moved, even to a second monitor. New tools also make this already flexible sequencer, even more flexible. These include Zoom, Line and Eraser tools making day to day work straight forward in an uncluttered environment.

And it's not just Malström and the NN-XT that feature tempo-syncable LFO’s. All existing devices in Reason now also have this feature locking LFO’s tightly to the sequencer.

The Orkester NN-XT Sound Library:
Reason 2.0 of course also comes with plenty of patch and library material for the two new instrument devices. And if that isn’t enough an extensive orchestral ReFIll, created exclusively for the NN-XT, is also included. Recorded in Stockholm, these sample patches feature live, classically trained musicians and the samples are designed to blend in with the sounds from Reason’s other devices. The Orkester NN-XT Sound Library spans from single woodwinds to complete string sections, and covers all essential playing styles.

New OS support:
Reason 2.0 fully supports both Windows XP and Mac OS X. Mac OS X support include Core Audio, Aqua GUI and any MIDI interfaces recognized by Mac OS X.

Pricing and availablity:
Reason 2.0 will be available during Q 2, 2002. Reason 1.0 users will be able to upgrade for USD89,00/EUR99,00 via their local Propellerhead distributor.

Graphics and text available on www.propellerheads.se/press

For further information, please contact:


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The new sampler looks like it's going to be a big step from the rudimentary NN19 that is in Reason right now. Interface wise, and functionality wise. Now there actually a pan knob on the amplitude EG, something that would have been very useful so far.
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I don't think the sequencer has been majorly redone, just a few minor changes. I got used to the old one in a while, but I still hate how the functions of the alt and ctrl keys are reversed in cubase and reason.

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Originally posted by Deus
I don't think the sequencer has been majorly redone, just a few minor changes. I got used to the old one in a while, but I still hate how the functions of the alt and ctrl keys are reversed in cubase and reason.

my main problems with reason were with the sequencer. i usually use studio vision pro for my sequencing needs. reason for me is mostly for soundscapes or really complicated routings which are hard to do in real life. then again if the syth and sampler have been improved i might use it more often.
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