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Proof shot dead


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D-12 Rapper Proof Shot And Killed
By Nolan Strong
Date: 4/11/2006 8:40 am


D-12 member Proof was shot and killed in Detroit this morning (April 11) at an after hours club on Eight Mile Road.

Proof, born Deshaun Hotlon, was murdered at the Triple C club around 4:30 am and another man was seriously wounded, both with gunshots to the head.

The identity of the second man was released and despite initial reports, a police source told AllHipHop.com that the second man, an unnamed 35-year-old, remained in hospitalized in critical condition.

The second man shot may have been fellow D-12 group member Bizarre, but police have not released the victims identity as of press time.

One witness was being questioned by the police, who are still seeking suspects.

The rapper was signed to superstar rapper Eminem's Shady Records as a member of the platinum selling group, D-12.

The group, which features members Eminem, Kon Artis, Proof, Swift , Bizarre and Kuniva, released their debut album Devil's Night in 2001. The group followed with D12 World in 2004, which produced the hit single "My Band."

Proof followed with a solo album titled Searching for Jerry Garcia in 2005, released on his own label, Iron Fist Recordings.

Proof was an influential figure on the Detroit rap scene, hosting legendary battles at the Hip Hop Shop.

In the movie 8 Mile, Mekhi Phifer was chosen to embody Proof as the character "Lil Tic."

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I just heard this news....so sad....I remember when D12 came to the Kool Haus.

I loved his part in that "Purple Pills/Hills" song.

Pop pills
Pills I pop
Pop two pills
On stilts I walk
Snorted two lines that were filled with chalk
Thought it was Incredible I killed the Hulk
I wanna roll away
Like a rollerblade
Until my eyes roll back in my skull for days
And when I'm old and gray
Look for coke to smoke
I overdose
When I pack up my nose with coke
*cough cough cough*
Am I supposed to choke
Had an accident when the Trojan broke
Ahh, poor baby
Born by whore lady
And I'm gonna strangle a - (You're crazy!)


As Chris Rock said....."America hates rappers......all these muthefuckers get shot.....

.....no suspects!"
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It’s an already tragic incident that claimed one life and now the Detroit shooting that ended the life of rapper Proof has claimed another.

A man that police say was shot by Proof just moments before Proof himself was killed, died in hospital of his wounds early Tuesday morning.

Keith Bender remained in critical condition with a head wound for a week. That’s how long it’s been since shots were exchanged at CCC, a Detroit nightclub located on Eight Mile Road.

Proof (pictured), a.k.a. Deshaun Holton, who was in many ways rapper Eminem’s right-hand man, allegedly shot Bender during a dispute at the after hours club which is ironically located on the very strip that inspired the name of Eminem’s popular 2002 film 8 Mile.

The road marks the boundary between Detroit and its northern suburbs.

In response to the shooting, Bender’s cousin, Mario Etheridge then shot and killed Proof.

The 32-year-old Holton was a leading member of the rap group D12 and constant tour mate of Eminem’s. He was also the best man at the rapper’s January wedding. His funeral is scheduled for Wednesday.

Etheridge, 28, pleaded not guilty to multiple charges including carrying a concealed weapon and discharge of a firearm in a building.

As far as the shooting is concerned, Etheridge’s lawyer, Randall Upshaw, says it was in self-defence.

Proof’s murder and the violent circumstances that led to it are just the most recent in a sad and lengthy string of rap-related shootings.

Beyond the infamous murders of The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur, rappers like Big L, Freaky Tah, Khadafi, Mista C, Jam Master Jay and Mausberg have all been shot to death in just over a decade.

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Amy_J said:
Proof’s murder and the violent circumstances that led to it are just the most recent in a sad and lengthy string of rap-related shootings.

It's funny how they slip that in, as if the shooting is the result of a rap beef or a battle gone bad. Anytime a rapper gets killed violently its raps fault?