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Promoting for Jungle Parties/How to go about it??????


TRIBE Member
Yo what's gwannin , I was wonderin if any promoter (Empire, Big Bud , Syrous , Centre SOund??????) NEEDS HELP TO PROMOTE? coz I know mad peeps that I could dish those flyers out and more than 90% of them are down to go. I just to need the info to educate them of when it is and whose there!!!!!!!If you could let me know of how to go about this LET ME KNOW!


Bad Boy

TRIBE Member
Yeah just meet me at one of the big parties. Just come outside and look for the guy handing out the flyers. I'll hook you up.

DJ Red Lion

TRIBE Member
I heard Empire was looking for some help, I have no contact number or e-mail though sorry. They are starting up a Tuesday at System and running there usual Saturday events this summer. If you know Ryan Ruckus he'd be a good person to speak with.
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