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poker face

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this saturday april 27th

A Scratch Free and Promise Joint

Lauren, Kevin, David and Irving invite friends and friends for the last night at our warehouse. This is the last music event in this special safe space, so come out for the final chance.

Come celebrate as together we all bid a fond goodbye to a warm and wonderful living and party space.

starring choice locals
chocolate - dub reggae
the reverend - dub n bass
rob nice - smooth house
dalia vs. lee osborne - block rocking house
andrew allsgood - breaksndubnhouse
abacus - deep house
blissom - phat percussive house
gabor - drum n bass

go to 111 Bathurst St, just south of Adelaide
down along right side alley to the end

10pm - 6 am pay what you can

for any further details just get in touch with Irving at promise@primus.ca or 416.603.7979