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Promise party

DJ Doublecross

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Hoo boy... this weekend has left my brain in a pile of mush. I can barely focus my eyes on anything today, and I have to start studying for my four exams this week! Life's tough, I tells ya. Ah well.

Great night though! I'd never been to a promise party before, but I'll definitely check them out again in the future. Lots of fun to be had!



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A great time and it was good to see so many familiar faces out. Most of the night is a blur and hope to make it to anothr one of these parties in the near future!

THe music was great and Lee Osborne rawked it. Good work.




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I had a fantastic time too. Though working the door was rather manic most of the night it was a blast and I was thrilled to meet and work with so many great people.

another amazing party...

Juice- great to meet you, sorry I couldn't talk more, I guess you could see things were pretty busy.


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It was a good party - but WAY too packed!!
I had an amazing time though :D
I love promise parties
Wicked to see so many people out.

hey Doublecross HOW big is it again??.... hhahaha :D


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Wicked party, it was oh so packed but an amazing time was had! My hangover is still in full effect, my ears are still ringing, and my feet still sore from dancing. Jennika it was really nice meeting you and chatting for a few, yeah it was a madhouse all night with people coming in looks like you guys handled it all quite well though.
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I really enjoyed the music--the song that was playing when we arrived is one of my faves :)

Unfortunately, it was so packed that dancing was nearly impossible. I ended up dancing on the carpet, just because that was the only place where I could move even a teensy bit. But that was only a minor nuisance.

The best part was getting to hang out with lots of fun people, and talking shit with all the drunkards. It's fun to be the sober one for a change :p

What was up with that weird blonde woman who kept wandering over and looking freaky?

Thanks to Cheeka for your hospitality :) Sorry I fell asleep and gave the impression that I was a lameass. Next time I'll be the hostess with the mostest.

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It was cool to see all the Tribe people in full effect for the last warehouse jam there ever. I had a good time but I felt like I was running around all night.

I have had some good times at that house and I am going to miss it!

Thanks to Promise and Scratch free press for alsways throwing such awsome jams!


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I had a great time - too bad its the last one at the Loft. The music was awesome - but it was a little crowded. Good to see everyone there!



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Originally posted by SpazGirl
I had a great time - too bad its the last one at the Loft. The music was awesome - but it was a little crowded. Good to see everyone there!


Wow, that's weird. I didn't see you there at all.


No review. Good party. Oh, I guess that's a review. I had fun dancing in line for the bathroom.
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I loved this event, right up my alley. The good thing about being tall is that you can always clear space for yourself on the dancefloor. A little crowded yes and trying to hail a taxi in that storm at 5:30a sucked but nothing is perfect. Wicked tunes, smiling faces, booze all night, the sweet smell of tha kind everywhere, just the way we like it.

Big ups to Cheeka, LibraD (although left too early to dance with me...what' the dilly?), AlyG, Sassy, Chrome, DirtyGirl, JiB, Mingster, and someone else from this crazy board that I met but can't remember her name...maybe Janiecakes? and my other crew and nice meeting PostMod and Sugar (who spent our last early morning session with Cheeka and I at our place..nice one!!)

Can't wait for the next one but Mark Farina on Sat should tide me over...


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Fun night! :) Great beats pumping out of this party, its too bad the place was so packed I couldn't move not to mention dance.
It was great seeing the usual suspects out and bumping into some new ones. Will definitely be checking out the next one! :D
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Here are some pics!





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Hi there.

Dave of Promise here. I wanted to let you know that our next Promise party will be on the 17th of May. That is the Friday of the long weekend in May.

It is in a great downtown location at Spadina and King with a good sound system and a proper dance floor and no-one's been there for a while - trust me. It will be special.

We are throwing this event in conjunction with Fukhouse, who used to have a monthly residency at Industry when we were all a bit younger and hotter and more confused all weekend. We are bring ing in two very strong dj's from Montreal as headliners along with some solid Toronto talent.

Email mdave@sympatico.ca for details and email list, ok?

dave of Promise



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Originally posted by JayIsBored

haha rentboy licked timo maas

haha, i knew one of you bitches would bring that up...trust me, he didn't taste good at all...:D

I had a great time at this, even though it was a short stay.

Nice to finally meet BBB and Cheeka.