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Promise party off the alleyway @ king/spadina

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Well once again I was part of the intimate promise parties at a new cool space as always. It is always interesting to be at a new space located in the heart of downtown Toronto.

The vibe was there and so where the people, with a very attractive and energetic crowd as usual.

I really got a kick out of the washrooms with the heels stomping on top of your head the whole time!

I always have a good time at the Promise parties and I am looking forward to the next!

Keep the up the vibe!


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I didn't love this party... but it wasn't bad.
I usually love them though so I was disappointed.

Waited outside (in the cold!!) in a line that didn't budge for about 20 minutes and by the time we scammed our way in (2:30ish) we realized that it wasn't even filled to capacity
Temple was a pretty cool venue though - lots of space!

The music was alright. The vibe was decent.

Not the best Promise party I've been to - but not a bad night over all!

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I agree the linup was kinda bad considering none of my friends got in. Also the Temple needs to do something about their strip club prices on alcohol and water.

I still had a good time though!
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Booty Bits

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Hi I'm God,

that is a VERY good question.

i for one never signed up for their mailing list, yet still find myself ON the mailing list!

not only that, but i was actually QUOTED in the last Promise e-mail sent about this recent party.

i got a kick out of that.

i was like "who are these people?"

but i ain't complaining, since i liked the party that i went to.


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Hi Booty bits. It's Dave here of Promise. My friend Irving and I have been throwing a string of one-off parties typically in a different place each time. It has to be some sort of a warehouse, dance studio, or a club that has something special about it to recommend it to us.

We take a lot of time to listen to the sound in a place, imagine dancing around in it etcetera, and then work to change it to exactly what we feel will be proper for a good night. We invite friends and friends of friends and generally just connect with interested/interesting people from all over the spectrum in Toronto. Travellers, creative types, ravers, musicians, shy peoples, whatever and their dogs.

People really like it. We're proud

We had a party at Temple because we liked it and found it interesting and there is room to dance. Also, the 'official' capacity of their place is much lower than the amount of people that you kinda want to cram in there, so we were definitely on the owners to keep letting people irregardless. It has two levels, so much like Mad Bar, you can fill the place to 'capacity', and then people just get all steamy and shoulder to shoulder dancing in the upper level. It was a really sweet party and worth the effort for us and for those who came. But you definitely gotta 'bring your own entertainment' if you know what I mean cause they are gouging $8 a glass of wine there. whoa. we tried to get them to bring the prices down, but they didn't know us that well and didn't want to budge in that way.

I notice that someone mentioned that it wasn't as 'proper' a place for a party as some, and I agree in a way because it is not massive and doesn't have two seperate rooms or anything like that, but it was charming enough and warehousey enough that we had to do something there. That's why we had it on a Friday instead of a Saturday. And we brought in an outside system for some good loud clean sound. I would say that at the total minimum about 3/4 of the people were dancing their asses off and smiling and that's why we do this in the first place - to see people have an honest good time.

I loved your comment about our last party and I love your user name. So we wanted to pass it on to our friends. We are having a New Years Party in that warehouse that you were in a couple of weeks ago - I hope we see you there. Please introduce yourself to myself and Irving.

For others who want us to keep them informed, just email promise@primus.ca and we will send you an email every month or two when we have our next party.

happy days all....
dave of promise

that 420 guy

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it's encouraging to know that there are still parties where the vibe is tight and the music pumpin...on a much smaller more manageable scale.

friday night's promise party was a refreshing alternative to the breathe and former lifeforce fridaze.

i could have done without the flooded bathrooms.
keep up thye good work dave.

- that straight from the temple guy
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Booty Bits

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hey, thanks for the reply dave!

and thanks for the compliment.

i will come find you and say hello at the next promise event that i attend.


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Dave here.

Just so you know, we are fully go-ahead with our New Years warehouse party. As a treat for all the tbkers we have the Dukes playing on 3 decks.

But the treats don't stop there. Also playing is
Chocolate vs Reverend (dub)
Blissom (house)
Eric Downer (Techno)
Lee Osborne (progressive tech house)
The Dukes,
Lex (Legion of Green Men) vs Jarkko (drum n' tech) and
Gabor (Drum and Bass)

All these good people on 3 Decks!!!
Email promise@primus.ca for info and tickets and we'll see you there.

happy snowstorm,


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tickets moving. procure yours if you want to come. email mdave@sympatico.ca

happy last shopping wknd before xmas.