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Promise NYE 2014


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Off we ventured to venue, to arrive at a small unmarked door.

Confused, we wandered inside to a queue to defrost.

Greeted by a beautiful lady adorned in a lavish costume, we were guided by a smiling gentleman to coatcheck.

There were smoothies galore and chocolate dipped strawberries much to my delight.

Venue was a visionary treat, the decor was outstanding. I shall to expand further on.

The entire venue was scattered with secret washrooms, the women got the huge stall to ourselves.

It was cute to see men respectfully ask to use the facilities, some boldly walked in, after I had mentioned, that it was ok.

We peeled off our layers at the coatcheck, I have to say the CC peeps were excellent. They had stored my gazillion belongings.

Next up, the adventure began of exploring the intricate venue.

In the other room, there was a cute and comfortable, chill-out area, which had Bedouin tent, with cushion seating, alongside there was a few couches to sit on.

Exit the room, follow the narrow passage way, it opened up to another seating area, with a bar in the corner, then a stage, that was embellished with the most awe-inspiring uv art work.

The artist name is Cesar - Wix.com CesarArillustrates created by calicarm18 based on art-trader | Wix.com!

Spyne played a great set, warmed us up with some reggae dub tunes then transitioned into other dubbiness.

Lady Spyne looked really beautiful, for those who know her! I had to mention it, LOL.

My favourite room had dangling yellow feathers from the ceiling. The lights in the 4x4 room was quite spectacular.

From start to end, every dj was just on point and kept the flow. I had to force myself to take water breaks, eventually sat down somewhere just to breathe - my two buddies whisked me off home soon after.

A wonderful mix of a crowd, I even saw barefooted dancers, with their scent. There were a few older people, I would say at least 70+. That really put a smile on my face.

I love the Promise crew, they are the most underrated promoters of Toronto. I can only speak for these guys as I happen to meet two of the promoters, such humble, down to earth men.

Thank you for helping Toronto’s scene stay kickass.

This party was pretty fucking impressive. Catered to everyone’s needs AND they handed out blow things before the stroke of midnight, as the balloons floated down.

So happy that I didn't stay in.

There is talks for a valentine day party, which sounds interesting :D


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