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promise / alieninflux / sumkidz nye


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What a fun party!

We got in around 1 or so to the upbeat, dance-y, tribally, goa-sounding at times (whew!) sounds of BC's adam shaikh, who really had the crowd going.

Eric Downer took over next and it was a dance-y mess of techno-y goodness. My only complaint: 45 minutes is waaaay too short for a set!

Octave One took over and it was an hour and a half barrage of old Detroit sounds, tracks I haven't heard out in years and lots of old favourites.

Lee Osborne stepped up around 4 or so and started laying down some signature sounds. Unfrotauntely, my energy was giving out and we retreaed for home, though hearing that "come with me" track in line put a big smile on my face. :)

all DJs seemed plagued with technical difficulties (though, this seemed to be more of a set up thing than a lack-of-skills thing!).

i much preferred the organization / space / layout of this year's jam over last year's. it wasn't as cramped and the washroom situation was a bit better! the bouncy wood floors totally added to the dancing experience!

being able to wander between the jumping 7th floor and empty 6th floor was awesome, when in need of some down time.

the decorations were great and provided a sense of multiple 'rooms' in the large space.

the strangest part of the night was sitting on the 6th floor and hearing the overlap between the party above and some hardcore (?) party below - hearing "the bells" overlapping with relentless machine gun beats.

all in all, it was a faboulous way to end off the year and start one that looks to be fantastic.


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Last promise party ever for me.

At about 2am, one of the guys I came, and a good friend of mine who has been in the circuit for years now, was accused by one of the promoters of "slipping drugs into girl's drink's".

He had been standing beside me on the dancefloor 90% of the night.
Anybody who knows this guy could see why he was terribly offended by it, Josh would never hurt a fly let alone try to drug a girl.
I can understand where the promoter was coming from, after all that is a serious situation BUT if an accusation like that is going to be made, please, PLEASE make sure you have a little bit better of a description before fingers are pointed so that it doesn't destroy what could have been a great time.

This ruined the night for all of us.

My girlfriend and I were back at our hotel by 3am.


I don't want to make a specatacle out of this, because I am sure that many people had a great time at this party, I just think it needs to be pointed out.


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Didn't get there until after one. Nice set up and friendly crowd. Good tracks but not so sure about the mixing earlier in the night. A few too many messy people.

Track highlight of the night: "One thing" (Lawnchair Generals)

Track letdown of the night: "The Jaguar" (DJ Rolando) - it always aggravates me when that track isn't played right out!

Random stuff:
- The girl with the three Hula Hoops is fun to watch.
- Got splashed by some guy's puke... He was a perspiring mess of a cocktail but all the points go to the chick - supporting him from falling over - for kissing him just after he upchucked.
- A guy rolling around the dancefloor in an office chair.
- Some dude playing a flute/pipe in the middle of the dancefloor.
- Cheap refreshments.
- An attempt at a no-smoking dancefloor. :)
- Interesting bathroom literature.

Peace and good dancing for 2004...


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That is a very sweet space for a party! Got there at 1am? God knows my body and mind had no concept of time for that night. Was nicely packed but not overly packed ... although my GF and her washroom lineup experience might tend to disagree.

The music was great, lots of interesting people and most importantly everyone was just letting loose and having one freakin' amazing time. Lotsa chill out space to just take a break and take it all in.

It was also great that the other floor(s)? in the building were having parties as well. So you got to experience a whole different scene as well. Rocking out to Silver1 for a while was great.

Promise always throws quality parties and this was no exception, what a great time we had. 5am came though and the hunger pains were starting to kick in ... so off for Chinese we went.
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Ubu Roi

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Yet again, another AMAZING party by the promise / sumkidz/alieninflux crew... I have to admit I was a little concerned as I passed the fourth and fifth floor, but once I rounded the corner to the seventh.... WOW!

Thanks !!!

Ubu Roi

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Does anyone have pics of the venue? I managed to take a few of the floor *sigh* but none of the space...


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Just starting to come down and chill from one of the greatest nights in a very long time.

Promise/sumkids/alienflux.... these guys outdid themselves...they put in some long hours and threw together one of the kickass parties of the year. What a way to celebrate the new year.

The bathroom was a bit nutty...but heck I just kept dancing....sweat out the need to tinkle :)
Not many people knew that you could use the lower level bathrooms including myself.....was little cooler down there too. oops !

regardless...I was able to see some good people some friends I hadn't seen in a long time. It was really cool to be able to reconnect with some dear souls, and to meet some new friends. Warm fuzzies of all of you. Awww i'm still beaming !!!

Although some of my good friends couldn't be there...they were thought of...and were there in spirit.

ahh... well enjoy your weekends...I hope the new year gave you many warm fuzzies of your own to carry over to the weekend and on...



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I was thankful that the party I was highly inticipating all evening-- was on the SEVENTH floor!

The music that was playing at around 1ish was not my groove at all, but once Eric Downer came on I ran onto the dancefloor and joined the enthusiasm amongst the crowd while dancing to good techno tracks...Finally!! Lawrence Burton (?) threw down some ol'school tracks that made me shake and smile, and Lee Osborne always impresses me each time I hear his latest collection of wicked tracks! I had a great time dancing all night with an amazing group of friends!

THere were alot of freakin' WIERDOS there....especially in the corners and the halls.........myself included.:rolleyes:
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Destro Sanchez

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that was fun.

it was techno without the snobs
(no offence Transform...err Mrs Peacock :eek: )

young people, old people, alien/promise/OM regulars, candy ravers from the 4th floor, everyone was having a blast. and everyone was fuuuuucked uuuuuup. (so much so that Judy got puked on from behind by a passing person)

the space was huge, and I hope I see more parties there this year!! (House of Props for 2004? I hope so...)

I will only comment on the dj sets I liked.

Eric Downer- Knows how to partay.

Octave One(Lawrence BurDEn)- played everything I wanted to hear on NYE.

He Comes From Detroit.
Where the mixing isn't great, but the tunes and programming more than make up for the monitor troubles!

I would HAVE needed a full pad of paper to trainspot the classics he was dishin out. I was ECSTATIC (that he didn't play Spastik.... sorry I fucking hate that drum roll of a 'song'...)


Lexifer- played the weirdness that he always does. Loved it. Dude has some seriously twisted records.

and then it was Lee Lee Mishi and Mike Lambert......it was house. to the Nth degree. Good for me to wind down to.

I think more than the music, the crowd made my night.
My cousin and his friend, Bean&Axl, newmarket peeps, old KW crew, guelph kids, technoheads, the girls (ALL of them!), and someone I haven't seen since the Klip party- UR (from tribe)- nice seeing you on the Dfloor, always a pleasure, Luke.

Another fabulous NYE, once again.

if you think NYE is overrated, then you had a bad trip, man. get over it and get out next year you fuckin slags!!!!!!!


(a bajillion times better than my acid trip to the jazzy drumnbass party last NYE.... aka promise/alien ;))
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- An attempt at a no-smoking dancefloor.

I can't wait for this to be the norm everywhere.

I didnt go though :( even though I told the promoters I would be coming. I was at loft party before hand on Atlantic & made it back intime for my set at that hardcore party below. My friend was too sick to party (stupid kegs) at that point and I drove him home after he was done puking and I was done dJing.

HAPPY NEWYEARS sumkidz, promise, alien people & everyone.


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Finally coming around,

I had a blast.
Great Venue, although I only found 1 window:) out of 360 degrees.

It was great seeing alot of familiar faces.
Tommy you left to early, lost track of you.
Destro it had been way to long, I have your email and will get in touch soon.
Next time I owe you guys a beer.

I managed to stay upright most of the night and crashed heavy the next day.

Better than last year.


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Originally posted by Bean
What a fun party!

We got in around 1 or so to the upbeat, dance-y, tribally, goa-sounding at times (whew!) sounds of BC's adam shaikh, who really had the crowd going.


Adam actually comes from Ontario, Gananoque near Kingston for that matter. Great guy too. At one point he bought one of those silver airstream RV's and was going to make it a portable studio so he could travel to different places and record.