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Promise: 2 Year


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^^^^Mine too. The promise boys always bring out the 'right' kind of people.

Also, the venue was solid, the decor was awsome in an early 90's way, the sound was bangin, Amtrak played harder than usual and the Dukes just rocked it.

My only complaint: I was having such a fantastic time I spent a lot more money than I counted on.



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Great night! I danced my ever-loving ass off! Pretty much 4 hours non-stop. Unfortunately, I also had to work today starting at 7:30am, and got no sleep at all. The tunes were solid ALL night long. Too blown out to write a proper review.

StraightUpDShit: A pleasure to meet you! I hope we will run into each other again. Tell Kim I think she's incredibly attractive and would also enjoy the chance to talk to her a bit more.

@m: Nice to pop your bro's cherry!

Blah. I can't think. Gonna take a bath, drink some red wine and listen to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.




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Once again an amazing time, possibly my favourite Promise so far. The decorations were great, the people were wonderful and the vibe was really awsome. It was a real treat to be there, wish i could have stayed longer.

So much support to Dave and Irving, you guys made both mine and Jenn's weekend,



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I was planning on going, but some stuff came up and I ended up staying in!!! Im glad to hear it was such a good party though!!! *S*

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^^^ And to think I was on the lookout for you the whole time!

I definetely had a wicked time - really cool space and wicked tunes. The crowd was also nice and varied. The only thing that sucked was that I missed the Dukes! It seems like every time I try to see them spin I get foiled...You guys need to start spinning at midnite
I also got to meet Poker Face and BBB, who both seem like dudes. So overall I give my first Promise experience a big ole thumbs up, and I am definetely going to keep an eye out for future events.

poker face

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Once again a wicked promise party put on by the boys themselves. The ladies were off the hook and Amtrack and the Dukes rock the party right.

Looking forward to more in the future!

It was also nice meeting you basic!

orange richie

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Was meaning to come out to this but I went out Thursday and Friday. It wouldn't be good for my health

Good to hear the party was good!

Rickardo Belmiro de la Cruz...


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so after moving all day saturday and being all stressed and emotional for the weeks leading up to the move (sorry basic!!
) i was DEFINATELY ready for a party!!

Promise did not dissappoint....a party the way it should be!! beautiful people, awesome decorations, great tunes (altho, yet again i can't stay up late enough to see the Dukes!!!

you could tell lots of love and care went into the party and it was certainly a damn fun nite!
altho, my head and tummy paid the price the next day. holy hangover!!

Happy 2 yr anniversary!! i'm looking forward to many more Promise parties!!



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I've been hearing a lot of good stuff about Promise, will someone PUH-LEASE remind me the next time there's a Promise Jam? Sounds like my ideal party!
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I always like Promise parties!!

Libradragon - if you are interested I'm on a mailing list for them
you can email - mdave@sympatico.ca if you want to be added.


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naomi...thats so funny you say that, because for some reason, i kept thinking that all nite! i was like 'i bet you naomi is here somewhere...this is totally her!!'


Straight Up D Shit

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Kim and I walked in at 12, started dancing and didn't stop until 7 in the morning, muscles still hurting from that night

dave & irving u rock my world as usually!

BBB, pleasure to meet u too & i don't need to tell her a thing, we call her the tribe lurker, she hangs out on this board more than anyone, but still hasn't been allowed to register from her corporate account, don't ask me why?

One thing I need to tell all the masses: Just because I decided to wear luscious overalls and a baseball cap, it doesn't mean I am a drug dealer! Please stop interupting my dance flow, get your drugs in advance or stay sober or get to know the right peeps...sheesh!

peace out


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It was a really good party.

It's too bad that I was so tired, and out of it, and had to leave really early.

But I'm glad I stepped in at least. Very refreshing.


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Originally posted by Libradragon

I've been hearing a lot of good stuff about Promise, will someone PUH-LEASE remind me the next time there's a Promise Jam? Sounds like my ideal party!

libra there is a promise warehouse party on friday night..
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