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Promise 1 year anniversary, Sat March 10


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I had a wicked time throughout the night, I had no idea there was a space like that at spadina a queen. Good job Dave and Irving I hope htere is many more parties to come!
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I agree,
Dave and Irving are fantastic, their parties always have the best vibes.
unfortunately I couldn't stay too long, but it was a pleasure as always!


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Dave here,

Thanks for the input. We will have more of them, if you aren't on our email list, send me something at mdave@sympatico.ca.
By the way, Lee Osborne completely slayed me, what a set!
If you have any comments, good or bad, I want to listen. We want to continue to do what people like, and change the things we can make better.



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hey Dave,
Jen here. Sorry I didn't get much time to see you, but I have to say and me and Lil' Jen and Nikki got quite a kick out of Irving and his new curly do'.
I had a great night, except for the long coat check lines and them losing my coat (they found it half an hour later after I had a minor panic attack). Oh well, next time you gotta have me working the door again!
hopefully see you soon, we should all go out for a beer in the near future!


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I actually call it a curly 'don't', not a 'do, but whatever.
I'm glad that you got your coat ok, obviously the only mistake we made with the whole night was not getting you to work for us.

Speaking of lost articles, some guy with size 11 feet left his boots at the party...can you imagine? As well, we found a pair of panty hose left behind in a corner of one of the chill zones. Do you think there is a story there...
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well, it was dark and most hair (or for that matter people) looks better in the dark. I'll wait until daylight than to make a final judgement on the do's and don't!

I'll be Door Command Space Girl next time than! Or at least in longer attendance.