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Project Manager / Coordinator $$$


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The successful candidate will be responsible and accountable to:

* Participate in preliminary client meetings and manage ongoing communications
* Assume a consolatory role while assisting the client with the implementation, training and role out of the system. Help develop and execute e-business strategies in the sale and marketing of real estate.
* Develop and maintain project documentation that is utilized by the entire project team
* Coordinate the receipt and distribution of critical information from the client to the production department
* Review completed work to verify quality and accuracy of work based on client specifications
* Schedule and Monitor the progress of the project utilizing MS Project
* Be proactive in keeping a project on schedule (i.e.) where appropriate, push client to get info
* Ensure projects get delivered on-time and in an efficient manner
o Limit overtime
o Limit time spent on re-dos


The successful candidate will have a majority of the following experience and skills:

* Post secondary education in the computer science field.
* Prior experience in the role of a Project management in Web Development
* Work experience in the real estate, marketing, new media, advertising or related fields of business
* Strong organizational and multi-tasking skills
* Excellent oral and written communication skills
* Ability to work effectively in a team environment

We work in a fast paced, flexible, and professional environment with a supportive work culture that rewards initiative and performance. This position offers great scope for growth and independent functioning, while contributing to the crucial initiative of the Company. We offer competitive compensation and benefits that are driven by qualifications, experience and performance.

If you are interested in this opportunity to join our team, please send an email to henry.zaccak at gmail.com