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Project for the New American Century


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I don't know if this topic has been done here before, but I have been reading the paper- Rebuilding America's Defences: Strategy, Forces, and Resources For a New Century.

It was apparently written by a think-tank for Dick Cheney while Clinton was still in office (around 1999 or so), and it outlines such things as the United States' need for global domination as well as domination of the 'dangers' within their own country. It talks about the US' necessity to fight "multiple theater wars" at the same time, and basically pinpoints Iraq, Iran and Syria as a good starting point for these displays of power. They also talk about the need to stabilize their forces in Korea, and southeast Asia, and they even mention going to war to defend Taiwan should North Korea make any advancements towards that country. They mention China's rise as a global military force and they seem to suggest that they are keeping a watchful eye on them.

It seems to be a basic blueprint for everything they have been doing lately.

If anyone is interested in reading it, and I strongly suggest you do, it's located here:

There are more papers and information on the site too:

Was this think-tank officially employed by Cheney and company to write this thing?? And is it really America's official strategy?
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PNAC is like a guide book. Use it, and you will understand all that the United States government does in this world.
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