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Project Due Friday Help!!

j bunny 2000

TRIBE Member
So i have a photgraphy project due on friday worth 50% of my final mark!! i have been so worked up with my other assignments that i haven't had a chance to think about it!!! Can someone please spawn some inspiration here that i can get done in a reasonable amount of time!! Mind you that this is traditional black and white photography with an SLR ...no fancy digital stuff

any thoughts would be most appreciated


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well its spring... so there is a million things sprouting up all around.
call it beginnings

haha :p - sorry that's all I've got... I'm not very creative.

Cheap Ego

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Since it's worth 50% of your mark, why not have a 50% theme?

Pictures could include:
-Glass of water, half full.
-A half of a sandwich
-A 50% off sign.
-A semi truck
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you should take a picture of you, taking a picture of your ass. all you have to do drops your draws, bend over, stand in front of a mirror, then take a picture of the mirror. problem solved and assignment done.

your welcome