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Project Assistant for SOY


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Project Assistant, Supporting Our Youth

SOY is seeking a young person to join our busy office for a period of six months, starting as soon as possible after March 24, 2006, subject to approval by HRSDC (Govt. of Canada).

Responsibilities of this position include (but are not limited to) the following:

- Maintaining visibility of SOY's various programs through outreach to diverse communities, in-print, on-line, organizing booths/tables at community events, speaking to groups, etc.

- Helping to keep SOY's website up to date, interesting and relevant.

- Answering the phone and responding to information requests.

- Working with the SOY staff team with various project-specific tasks, as they arise.

- General office administration, including filing, maintaining media and community resource files.

- An understanding of SOY's mission and programming is a definite asset.

The right candidate will be able to use this position as an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Our hope is that this person will be able to find ways to build on their current skill-set to expand this position to suit their own interests and talents, while also supporting SOY's ongoing community development work.

Eligible Candidates: Youth between the ages of 15 and 30 (inclusive) facing barriers to employment, who are:

§ out of school;

§ legally entitled to work in Canada;

§ not in receipt of Employment Insurance (EI) benefits.

Employment will be full time, 37.5 hours per week, at a rate of approx. $8.45 per hour.

Interested? Please send a cover letter and résumé to:

Clare Nobbs, Coordinator - Community Programs

Supporting Our Youth (c/o Sherbourne Health Centre)

365 Bloor St. E., Suite 301, Toronto, Ont. M4W 3L4

Fax: (416) 324-4188


Deadline for applications: 5:00 pm on FRIDAY, MARCH 10, 2006.
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Whoa. That's shitty pay. I am contacting them tomorrow to see if they will hire my clients. Thanks!


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I think the pay comes with the territory... they are a very progressive organization - definitely work the experience. Oh and I heard they just got a boost in funding so might offer future opportunities.


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no, that's got to be a mistake. A position like that would make about $18/hr. Looks like they forgot the '1'.
Heck, here at the Queen West Health Centre we pay our peer workers $10.40/hr...