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Project 5 V1.5 Review.

Static EQ

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Well, Cakewalk have certainly improved this program quite a bit with this release. It is infact, as if they went straight into my head and went through my checklist of gripes.

First and formost, they have cleaned out all the bugs I had encountered thus far. Which is what you expect from a 2nd release. - Very good.

The nicest change though, is the integration of the step sequencer and the piano roll.

P5 already had a way better step sequencer than Reason or Fruity Loops, but it was sadly unintegrated with the Piano Roll sequencer.

Which is fine, unless you want to move patterns back and forth between the two. Not a problem anymore, as they are now 'ONE'. Well done.

The new file manager is a big improvement over the old setup, but that is more of a correction of an originally bad idea.

... I'll add more notes as I explore the changes.

If you are demoing this product make sure you don't demo the 1st version.
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Static EQ

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Now it is possible to save:

1 synth/sampler
+ mutiple patterns (including automation)
+ an entire effects chain

as a single file.