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PROHIBITION @ System w/ Johnny Fiasco


TRIBE Promoter
Surprisingly entertaining! The place was about half full all night, which was more then I expected. There were a few younguns' out last night but it wasn't all that noticable. Actually I brought my younger sister and her boyfriend out with me who really enjoyed her first nightclub experience. Ironically she commented: "This would be better if I could drink."

The usual suspects and myself got trashed at the Fryer before stumbling into System around 1am, paid $5 and walked right in. I'm surprised nobody else took advantage of the cheap cover since we're all whores when it comes to pre-drinking anyway!

I gotta give props to the management at System for having the balls to pull this off with style. For a club that is constantly critiqued on the way its run I think this was a wonderfull and daring idea. No liquor? No problem!

Peace & love. D