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Progressive & Tribal House sets???

DJ Chillz

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I'm pretty new here in the House room - mainly a Junglist but have been recently introduced to House music and was wondering if anyone here would possibly be able to help me out and direct me to any links where I could download some of the above mentioned types of House mixes - No Fru-Fru La-La Shit!
Just REALLY HARD pumpin beatz, PLEASE!

For example - the kind of House Dekozi spins.

Much thanks to all in advance!


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Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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just a few suggestions...

Firstly, welcome and thanks for your interest...we have so many talented dj's/producers that I think you should get in touch with...they truly invest the time and effort to make cd's and downloads...and so why not help you get in touch with them...to those dj's hope you don't mind my referrals?! :D

Secondly, you ask for progressive and tribal yet, you specify Dekozi's beats...so with such a diverse request I'll just suggest what ever I think will rock your socks...you be the judge...;)

Lastly, "No Fru-Fru La-La Shit!" that would be the jungle room bwoy! LOL j/k


DJ ?west - dj_kwest(nospam)@hotmail.com (tribal, progressive and some freakin hard house)

DJ TRO - (progressive and hard house) contact on tribe

Vench - (hard house and mean beats) contact on tribe

Spoonyd - (hard house with a tech flavour but varies often) contact on tribe

G-Fresh - (hard - techy/bangin house) www.narcdjs.com

Chris McKean (progressive) irgo@(nospam).com

Decepticon (hard house, bangin beats) contact on tribe I think...hmmm

*forgive me if I've missed anyone but that's all I can think of for now...enjoy!


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Actually Carl Cox has been on the hard tribal house tip lately...His newest CD kicks ass and is loaded with hard tribal beats...I would also look at some of the New York dj's also if that is your fortay'


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^^thanks for the tip. it definately sounds interesting. i'm gonna keep my eyes open for this.