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[Progressive] Scott Stuckless - Destinations Guest Mix Round 3 (Winter 2006)


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Hey Everyone!

Just thought I'd let you know that I've got a new mix up for DJ NuEra's 'Destinations' show on 1groove.com. It's a fairly progressive mix with some melodic touches here and there. This is the first DJ mix I've ever put up on Tribe so any feedback (positive or negative) is welcome!

Big thanks to mikeryan for hosting this for me!

Hope you enjoy!

Scott Stuckless - Destinations Guest Mix Round 3 (Winter 2006)

1. Greed - Sandrushka (Andre Absolut Mix) (Feed Me Records)
2. Sonic Cube - Cloud Buster (Andre Absolut Mix) (Tribal Vision Records)
3. Absolut & Blade - Crash (Kumquat Tunes)
4. CCCP - I want You Body (Art G & Justin Xara Electro Mix) (Innovate Recordings)
5. Marcelo Castelli - Espacial Dub (Damian DP Mix) (South American Grooves)
6. Freza & DJ Flash - Air Trip (Baroque Records)
7. Rai - Digi (Solstice)
8. Alex Kenji - Low Frequency (9 Records)
9. Claes Rosen - Eighties (Jackmoves)
10. David West Feat. Andreas Hermansson - Larry Mountains 54 (Inkfish Mix) (Anjunadeep)


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Amazing set... i've been rockin' this in my car on my way to work... love the sound!!! Don't hear too many dj's playing this style of prog anymore, which is unfortunate. I must say you did a really good job and I hope to hear more sets like this in the future.