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Progressive Motions 027/Guest Dj Igor Djuranoly

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by ferucci, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. ferucci

    ferucci TRIBE Member

    Progressive Motions with Daniel Kasten

    ''DJ and producer Igor Djuranoly checks in for our september guest mix on PROGRESSIVE MOTIONS.His brand and fusion of progressive and tech is unparalleled and is sure to keep your head bobbing.''

    Guest Mix For Progressive Motions (Tracklist)

    1.Maurice Aymard - Put Some For Jules (Gui Boratto Striped Mix)
    2.Steve Mill - Gemma Calls (Original Mix)
    3.Sebastian Russell - Slowly The Tears Travel (Original Mix)
    4.Francois Dubois - Tenori (Vince Watson Remix)
    5.Leon Raes - Aruba Garden (Eleke Kleijn Space Mix)
    6.Funk D' Void - Flealife (Original Mix)
    7.Roger Martinez - My World (Original Mix)
    8.Jimpster - Dangly Panther (Joris Voorn's Black Panther Mix)
    9.Nick Sandler & Robbie Pardoel - Instanatly Over (Original Mix)

    Total Time: 56:30

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    Progressive Motions 027/Guest DJ Igor Djuranoly by Igor Djuranoly | Mixcloud - Re-think radio

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    Igor Djuranoly
  2. ferucci

    ferucci TRIBE Member

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