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progressive - deep - dusk til dawn

Littlest Hobo

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Originally posted by OhNo!
on your next mix can you drop some frank sinatra or dean martin?
There's no comparasion between Frank and Dean. Frank rules, Dean drools. Although they were both quite the jerks back in the day.


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Originally posted by Littlest Hobo
There's no comparasion between Frank and Dean. Frank rules, Dean drools. Although they were both quite the jerks back in the day.
don't forget about sammy dee and joey bishop.


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Really good mix deep. The programing and flow is excellent, along with the mixing. This sounds like a "regular" DJ made this.


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I find it kinda funny. One guy launches into a multi paragraphed pontification without listening first (and got caught in a lie about how old school he was in a another thread), the other detractor managed to both download and listen to an hour long set in 20 minutes (check time of postings) ...

Thanks to everyone who's given this a go.

Tesseract, I don't know what you're doing over there but there's no m3u file . It seems maybe your download got corrupted.
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This is great Deep. It really helped pass the time when I was clippng my toenails. :p

Seriously this is a quality mix. It's good to listen to a mix where there was some real thought to the programming and it possess a great flow.


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I've only been able to get the first 20 minutes at work, but seems like a great third or fourth cd for an evening of influenced debauchory.


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okay, got to listen to it through once. so hear's (sic) my first impression. And remember, i ain't no mixtitcian or mixologist:
- good track selection, not too much build as it starts off bangin'
- mixes seemed flawless overall, and nice overlaps

some things i noticed:
- at around time 19:30 the lead-in/lead-out seemed quite long
- at time 30:00 the lead-in track seemed a little unmatched to the lead-out track. a funny noise.

that's it from me.

oh. and the aligators just did not sound good at all. should've used crocodiles.


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Listened to it about 6 times now. Excellent set deep. Your last one was the soundtrack to our OM weekend last year, this one is working it's place to being the score to spring. Nice even flow, seamless mixes, levels are good. Your enthusiasm towards the quality of the mix shows.

The selection is your quintessential style, with some more edgy retro elements added highlighting current themes.

Keep it up bro.


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I just tested the link right now and pulled off a constant 260 KB/s on the download, all the way to the finish. I guess it's routing or something that results in some people in different areas or ISPs getting shittier speeds . : /


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I don't know what to suggest...maybe try using a download manager like getright, flashget or stardownloader to download the file - that way if the transfer breaks off it will keep trying until it finishes it