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progressive - deep - dusk til dawn

Cheap Ego

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In all seriousness, this is an excellent mix... is your first one anything like this? It is available for doonload?


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first one was a bit more light , but I'd be happy to send it along to you if you'd like
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Re: feedback wanted on my mix

Originally posted by deep
6. jono fernandez - colours of conscience (fretwell remix)
i was listening to this on my cd walkie today when i was running some errands.

this tune is defo the stand out cut Dj Deep.

really works well with the sunshine.
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The Tesseract

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feedback: fuuuuuuuuck that's a long download
and i was getting ludicrous speed too.


it doesn't LOAD!

It says "YuAsda2"
whatever the fuck that means
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:: salathe ::

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i liked the mix from day of mine to airfuzz. not really a fan of the genre but i thought it was an interesting listen. thanx for posting it.


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Dear Deep,

Make a techno mix. ;)

Sincerely, J

PS Tracks aren't really my cup of tea, but the mixing is pretty good! Keep it up!
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Originally posted by Tanner
Good tracks yet they all sound the same....How original :rolleyes:
Go away, you have nothing to add. Also, upon leaving, please promptly hang yourself with a bedsheet.



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deep, perhamps you should have put it a little disclaimer at the beginning of the mix telling the listener that if they usually listen to banging techno or chipmunk trance/happy hardcore they might not find it as upbeat as they're used to ;p
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