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progressive breaks


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anyone been bitten by this bug lately? after seeing cass at system and listening to his prologue cd's, i'm hooked. the prog/trancey "atmosphere" along with the breakbeats is a sick combination in my opinion. makes me get my dance on, that's for sure.

i've heard that cass' balance cd and the cass vs. slide essential mix is worth checking out. any one know of other dj's/producers involved in this that i should look out for?


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i told you some already...
lee burridge
the light
plump djs
dj hyper
koma and bones
layo and bushwacka!
meat katie
hybrid...of course

uh..think of more later


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Rennie Pilgrem
Chris Carter
Flat-Liners (Nick Muir & Jon Gray)
Andy Page
Dylan Rhymes
Lee Coombs
Dark Globe
Elite Force

to name a few...
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i've also been bitten by the progressive breaks bug.

try checking out starecase sound system or general midi.....that's all i know.........


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Sasha and Digweed

Check out

Sasha +Digweed Northern Exposure, Odegrees North
Sasha +Digweed Northern Exposure, East Coast Edition

Some great progressive breakbeat sets

Gus Gus - Believe, Purple (Dope shite)
young American primitive - these waves
Rabbit in the Moon - Out of Body Experience
God Within - Rain Cry
Hybrid - Symphony




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nice.....thanks everyone, i'll definitely try to get my hands on some of the tracks/mixes/cd's you mentioned....

except jib who is a dickweed and just wants to be popular by posting that we talked about this before i posted this, and is thus being a drama queen.


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get d note-shed my skin (pmt remix)

you'll be thanking me, ingrate

and if you can't find it..it's the second track from the sasha/digweed fiss fm set from 2-11-2001
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Adam Freeland on tour

While on the topic of Mr. Freeland, has anyone here heard his "On Tour" disc? Comments? Any good?

I think this was the track listing:

Compiled and mixed by Adam Freeland
Record Label: BMG/Kinetic/Reprise
Track Listing:

Absurd - Fluke
Voices - KC Flight vs. Funky Junction
Phat Cap - Cause For Concern
Warrior Sound - Pressure Drop
Neuroscan - Exile
Hold Tight - Quinn Whalley
6 Space - Ils
Monster - Bushwacka!
Rhythm Dance - Uberzone
Fraunenliebe - Sound Workers
Percussive Thinking - Forme
The Egyptian - Bushwacka!
Uranium - Radioactive Man
ESW - Bassbin Twins


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Adam Freeland ON Tour

Definitly a solid mix, my favorite track is Bushwaka, Egyptian and Bushwaka, Monster, phat beats.

Although Freeland took the atmospheric, and deep side to the breaks in comaparison to the previous LPs, suck as Costal Breaks 1, 2 and Tectonics. I found Tectonics to be hard and dark, Costal Breaks, funky and jumpy, and On Tour deep progressive.