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Progressive and Breaks Records for Sale

Discussion in 'Buy & Sell & Rent' started by Vinyl Junkie, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. Vinyl Junkie

    Vinyl Junkie TRIBE Member

    Below are some records that I am willing to part with seeing I have transferred them to cdr. Singles are $8 and all other packs are $20. All records and sleeves are in mint condition. If you buy more than one we can negotiate the price. Please send all enquiries to markcorreia at hotmail dot com

    Aphasia - Acapulco (Disc 2)
    Atomic Hooligan - Head / Just One More
    Bassnectar - Creation Lullaby
    Blackwatch Greed - Gentle Rain
    Chable and Fernandez - Before You Break On Me
    Conjure One – Centre of the Sun (Junkie XL Mix)
    Dark Globe - Take Me To The Sound (2xLP)
    Digital Witchcraft - Brindavan / Pocket Universe
    Digital Witchcraft - The Snowday EP
    DK - Murder Was The Bass
    Drumattic Twins - Le Funky / Rock Steady
    Echomen - Thru 2 You (Disc 1)
    Elite Force - Peyote Road
    FC Kahuna - Hayling
    Ficta - Eli
    Flore - Boogie Child
    Forme - Let It All Out
    Good Pedestrians – That Moment/Turn Around
    Graham and Blades - Funky Summa
    Habersham Numinous - Rhetorical Question
    Habersham Numinous - Leaving Tifton
    Hexadecimal - Deep Frequency
    Indigo Child - Head First EP
    Jacob Todd - Nothing Is Real
    Jason Sparks - Don't I Feel (Remixes)
    Jason Sparks - Heroes Villians
    JDS - Disco Rockers / Wipeout 5
    Justin Robertson - Revtone (2xLP)
    Katakana – The Light/Beijing
    Kaybee - Speed Of Sound
    Legend Of Talking Dog - My Shadow Dances (Disc 1)
    Luke Chable - Eat Static / After The Storm
    Madoka - Distant Memories
    Marino Berardi - Clear The Skies
    Momu - Kitty Hawk
    Monk and Canatella - Enter The Monk (Freq Nasty)
    Mortar Pestle - Concisio Abnotco EP
    Moshic - The Myth Of Osiris EP
    Move-Ya! and Steve Lavers - Monkey Scratch
    Naveen G - Keeper Of 5
    Noel Sanger - Designs
    Operators, The - Furball
    Özgür Can - Weightless / Finally
    Panoptic - Surface
    Platipus – Widescreen:16:9:V1 (3xLP)
    Powerplant - Turn It Into Gold
    Precision - Where Do You Dance / Comet Charge
    Sarah McLachlan - Sweet Surrender (Remixes)
    Shiloh - Swerve
    Soul Of Man - Shake 'Em Down
    Spacelovers, The – Space Lover (Castelli Remix)
    Sultan Tone Depth - Back To You
    Tech Phunk - Body Phunk
    Terminalhead - Weekend Warriors (2xLP)
    Three Sixty – Body Music
    Various/Uberzone - Y4K (2xLP)
    White Room - Strapped
    White Stripes - 7th Nation Freeland
    Yunus Subsky - Step One EP
  2. Spinsah

    Spinsah TRIBE Member

    This is just as lame as the people who would buy a CD from HMV, burn it and return it.
  3. xtcfreak

    xtcfreak TRIBE Member

    Re: Re: Progressive and Breaks Records for Sale

  4. Vinyl Junkie

    Vinyl Junkie TRIBE Member

    Spinsah you are a big loser for saying that. How can you compare selling some records that I have transferred to cd to buying a cd and returning it to HMV? I did spend the money on the record and now am parting with it for a discounted price due to depreciation and it being used. So explain how that would be the same as buying something from a store, using it and then returning it for a full refund. If you have nothing intelligent to say KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT dumbass!
  5. Spinsah

    Spinsah TRIBE Member

    I'm hardly one to argue for rigid regulations with intellectual property, but what you're doing just blows my mind. Here's the crash course: when you purchase a piece of music, you're not only paying for the labour and material put into the creation of the actual media, you're also paying for the 'intellectual or artistic' labour. So, with these records, you've converted them to CDR to use in DJ sets, or even at home use. I have more of a problem with the former.

    The artist is only making money once off of this transaction: when you intitially purchased the vinyl. It really comes down to use vs. exchange value. You're maintaining the use value of these tracks while also profiting on the exchange value, which in my opinion makes you a bit of dickclamp, especially if you're getting paid to play these tunes.

  6. ndrwrld

    ndrwrld TRIBE Member

    shut the fuck up spinsah.
  7. Spinsah

    Spinsah TRIBE Member

    Whatever you say, ace.

    Does anyone else love the irony of the thread starters user id?
  8. Richard Raiban

    Richard Raiban TRIBE Member

    Re: Re: Progressive and Breaks Records for Sale

    How is this lame? atleast he purchased the vinyl and converted it to cd rather than what most people do......go to soulseek and just download it. if anything, its a pretty good deal for anyone interested in having this vinyl that is harder to find now, at a disounted price i might add.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2005
  9. Richard Raiban

    Richard Raiban TRIBE Member

    again, atleast he "purchased" the record and didnt download it illegally. so what do you suggest? he just give the vinyl away for free because he still has the track on cd form out of respect to the artist? LOL
  10. Spinsah

    Spinsah TRIBE Member

    Don't you work in a record store? Doesn't the ramifications of this sort of practice directrly affect you?

    I'm not one to jump aboard the goodship copyright, but in this case it seems pretty clear to me why this is a shady practice. Many of these records can still be found for sale and when purchased a portion of the profit would make its way back to the artist. In the case of this record lot, I actually own many of the records, and supporting those artists is something that I made a conscious decision to do upon purchasing the vinyl. Even though I've converted several of the records to .wav format, I wouldn't sell them, not only because i'm attached to the material but because I've also paid for the intellectual capital involved. While I believe the latter to not be medium specific, I do in fact believe that selling the original media at used market value is analagous to purchasing a piece of LICENSED software, installing it and then selling it at a discounted rate while still enjoying its FULL functionality, if not the packaging.

    Is this so hard to understand?

    Last edited: Oct 13, 2005
  11. basketballjones

    basketballjones TRIBE Member

    ^who cares.............like u gave a crap about the artist...do u buy the shit records they pop out too..."just to support the artist"....PHYUK YU
  12. ndrwrld

    ndrwrld TRIBE Member

    again...Spinsah shoots his mouth, and nothing but shit comes out.
    specially when you have ABSOLUTLY NO PLAN on buying these records.
    go piss up a flagpole.
  13. MOD ONE

    MOD ONE TRIBE Member

    Yeah fuck soul seek!!!
  14. basketballjones

    basketballjones TRIBE Member

    fucking sanctimonious assclowns.....
  15. MOD ONE

    MOD ONE TRIBE Member

    I think tribe is the only place where you can in shit for giving deals on vinly WTF.
  16. djskary

    djskary TRIBE Member

    as much as i dont want to get bashed here.... and as much as its not that big of an issue

    i agree fully with Spinsah. and i also agree with the irony involved here.

    but whatever... u gotta do what u gotta do.

    i just dont understand why everyone is all like... yo fuck you spinsah.... because he is obviously right in saying that it sucks that this dude is buying vinyl, then ripping it, then selling it.

    especially if hes spinning out makin money with the music.

    OR MAYBE.... this vinyl junkie person has a bunch of shitty records that are in shitty condition... and by ripping them... he/she is saving the song before the record becomes unplayable.

    hopefully that isnt the case tho, cause these are being sold... for top dollar

  17. MOD ONE

    MOD ONE TRIBE Member

    I guess different storkes for different folks, but once you buy something it's yours and you can do what ever you want with it. I buy vinly and I will never sell my shit, but I will rip it that's for sure. This way I can save my vinly so it last long. I guess Vinly junkie is going to have to switch his or her name to CD junkie lol (bad joke).:p
  18. oddmyth

    oddmyth TRIBE Member

    so what you are saying is you wouldn't give a flying fuck if this guy was selling his records and never wrote that he ripped them to CD?

    pretend he didn't then ....
  19. Richard Raiban

    Richard Raiban TRIBE Member

    first & foremost i know this guy and he doesnt buy vinyl to rip on cds so that he can make some $$$, hes not hurting for cash believe me, he just "DOESNT WANT THEM ANYMORE" so why not sell it?!. he could EASILY save himself the time & torture BY PUCHAING ONLY mp3s from online music shops which i know he does. also, if you look @ the titles they are all OLD records, NOTHING "new new". now, would YOU repurchase those titles on mp3s and keep the vinyl (assuming you just dont want them anymore) or just sell the records? (knowing that your intesions WERENT to make easy money as Spinsah is putting it).

    again, we are forgetting that he PAID for his records. he is just getting rid of records that he does not want/need anymore. buying records then selling your older collection is A LOT different than someone who just downloads all their music from soulseek, kazaa, limewire etc.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2005
  20. Spinsah

    Spinsah TRIBE Member

    I'm not making an argument that is cruxed in vinyl purism, in fact quite the opposite. My problem is that he is maintaining the USE value of the records while still selling them for their full market EXCHANGE value.

    This is far from a black and white issue, I'll be the first to admit that, but among DJ's I've always regarded this behaviour as taboo. In fact I don't view what he's doing any differently than a DJ who downloads a track from a P2P network and plays it out. Once he sells a record, in my opinion he voids any license to play out and make money off the tunes in question.

  21. Richard Raiban

    Richard Raiban TRIBE Member

    i understand your point, believe me i do but your post was almost suggesting that he does this on a regular basis trying to make $$$ when infact that isnt his goal (again, i can see your point in this but here is where we slightly differ. i think that just downloading all music from a p2p network and NEVER buying records/mp3s is worse). he isnt the type of guy who would go through all this trouble just to make extra $$$. why spend $15.00 a record, rip it onto cd then sell it for $8.00. there isnt even a guarantee that these people will but it. im sure there are a lot of people who do this to make a few extra bux but he isnt one of them.
  22. sauce

    sauce TRIBE Member

    If this were the case he'd just buy the MP3 in the first place because it'd be cheaper.

    If i hadn't just bought a condo i'd be all over a bunch of these vinyls LOL



    bump for the junkie
  23. miller

    miller TRIBE Member

    i'd say there's a good chance most ppl in this thread have done somethin' illegal before!! we've prob. all even done somethin' in the greyer area of "immoral" too!!! so WTF, it might be lame but...

    note to everyone: lie about why you are selling vinyl on tribe if the sale isn't a holier-than-thou transaction!

    no wait...lying is immoral!

    gotta love the irony for sure.

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