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Program help!


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Okay I'm writting this function.

function barAlpha(){
_root.bar.pink._alpha = +5
}else if(_root.bar.pink._alpha >=100){
_root.bar.pink._alpha =100;


I want it to repeat it until it reaches 100 hundred but it's not
doing this what am i messing. Man it's been awhile since I acutally
had to do this myself.

yes I need it to repeat within the function and not with the press of a button.

I'm sure it's just an easy thing I'm missing but any help would be greatful.
_root.bar.pink._alpha = ++5


it's something to do with this line.
but it's been ages since i've looked at c/c++
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No wait, he said he needs it to repeat until it reaches 100 hundred, which is actually 10,000.
Originally posted by Stan
And I'm pretty sure the syntax for adding 5 to a variable is:

variablename += 5;
Yeah thats right.

Plus I solved my problem.
I'm using Mx2004 so I just put it into a movieclip and an onClipEvent(EnterFrame){
loop solved my problem.