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[prog/tribal house]: "DJ Bolivia - Live in San Jose"

DJ Bolivia

TRIBE Member
I got booked to play in San Jose (just outside of San Francisco) earlier this week, which was pretty fun.

The promoters for this event were ShoutCreative (www.shoutcreative.com). I played a two hour set, then Uberzone played, and then I did a second set afterwards since the crowd was sticking around later than expected. I don't remember exactly what I played for the 2nd set since I didn't write it down, but I have the track listings below from the first two hours:

01. The Vintage, "Wake Up America" (DJ Mendo vs The Vintage Remix).
02. Noel Sanger & Dauby, "One Drop" (Vox Mix).
03. ADF, "Obsession" (Original Mix).
04. Spector, "Elektrify" (Lexicon Avenue Remix).
05. Little Green Men, "Morena" (Little Green Dub).
06. Alma Matris, "Rapido" (Back In Town Edge Mix).
07. Aston Martinez, "Twisted" (Club Mix).
08. Chris Cargo, "Warning" (Original Mix).
09. David Forbes & Mallorca Lee, "Hurricane" (Scanners Beduin Mix).
10. Headz feat Chris Jam, "Not 'Bout Love" (Thought Disorder Mix).
11. Little Green Men feat Eliza, "Through With You" (Thomas Penton Remix).
12. Chris Cargo, "Saddle Funk" (Graeme L Remix).
13. Bush People, "Nothing's Safe."
14. Chris Cargo, "Shift It" (Sick Joke Remix).
15. David Forbes & Mallorca Lee, "Go Out Get Fucked Up" (Scanners Original Mix).
16. The Crystal Method, "Name Of The Game" (Kupper's Deep Pump Mix).
17. Transducers, "See You Dance."
18. Miss Kitten, "Professional Distortion" (Subsky In Your Face Mix).
19. Probspot, "Midnight."

This set was recorded, and it can be downloaded by right-clicking on the following two links and choosing the "save target as" option. I broke the set into two parts of about 58 or 59 minutes each. The first CD contains everything up to "Hurricane" and the second CD starts with "Not 'Bout Love."

Download First Half: http://www.djbolivia.ca/demos/DJ Bolivia - Live in San Jose, 2006-03-22, CD1.mp3

Download Second Half: http://www.djbolivia.ca/demos/DJ Bolivia - Live in San Jose, 2006-03-22, CD2.mp3
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