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[prog/tribal house]: "DJ Bolivia - Dancing Baloney"

DJ Bolivia

TRIBE Member
Yeah, I know it's a stupid title. But whatever. This will unfortunately be my last mix posted here until September, since I'm heading to the West Coast for four months. Hopefully some of you will enjoy it. And if anyone can tell me what the second track is (starts around 9min mark, with singing beginning just before the 11min mark), I'd appreciate it. I've heard it before on other compilations, but I have no idea what it is ...

Link to Download Source Page: http://www.djbolivia.ca/bolivia.html#baloney

Direct Link to MP3: http://www.mta.ca/pub/music/DJ%20Bolivia%20-%Dancing%20Baloney.mp3

RealPlayer Stream: http://www.mta.ca/pub/music/baloney.ram

Track Listings:

01. Aston Martinez, "Twisted" (Club Mix).
02. White Label from Release Records.
03. Headz feat. Chris Jam, "Not 'Bout Love" (Thought Disorder Mix).
04. Little Green Men feat Eliza, "Through With You" (Thomas Penton Remix).
05. The Vintage, "Wake Up America" (DJ Mendo vs The Vintage Remix).
06. Chris Cargo, "Shift It" (Sick Joke Remix).
07. Frank Pellegrino feat. Lauren Marie, "Pleasure" (Frank Pellegrino Original Mix).
08. Deep Dish feat. Morel, "Sacramento" (Move Ya & Steve Lavers Remix).
09. Chris Cargo, "Warning." (Original Mix).
10. Miel, "Future Awaits" (Loic B Remix).
11. Yellow Blackboard, "Superfly" (Greed vs Mental X Remix).

Feedback on this mix is welcome ...

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DJ Bolivia

TRIBE Member
No luck? Nobody is bored enough to try to figure out track #2 for me? I've posted this on a few message boards, but still no luck in identifying it.
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