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prog tracks of the year


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heres mine:

petter - these days
maurice and noble - hoochie choochie man
quest vs dirty fours - basstrap
avril - I'm with you (leama and moor mixes)
yunus - invasion ep (mainly mass schizophrenia)
indigo child - take a breath of you/underwater
transformer 2 - just can't get (infusion)
starkid - crayons
head honcho - medicine
andain - beautiful things
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Don't think I've heard any of them. And that makes me happy. I'm glad to have stepped away from the music scene for a while. Makes me appreciate all the good music I have sitting here in my house even more.

Although I'm sure they're all good tracks.


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^^^ if you haven't heard of any of those tracks (especially 'crayons') then you my friend have been living under a rock!


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Not at all.

1) I live in Moncton so you would never hear any of these played out.

2) I don't sit around and trainspot every track I ever hear.

3) I've spent the past year listening to all the vinyl in my collection, and most of it doesn't fit into the category of progresive, or even electronic for that matter.

4) A good tune is a good tune. Quite frankly, I don't look for the name of the track or the artist.

But I'm sure I have heard a few of these in my travels.
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