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[Prog/Tech House/Techno] Robbie López - En Camino (May 2006)


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I decided to record a short mix with a variety of sounds/genres. Let me know what you all think, even if it's not your cup of tea. :)

Here's the mix LINK it's in .zip format with playlist included already.

But, here's the playlist anyways:

Robbie Lopez - En Camino May 2006

01. Beckers - Dynamic Blue
02. Leama & Moor - Everything Matters (Matthew Dekay Mix)
03. Jose Amnesia vs Shawn Mitiska - My All (Markus Schulz Remix)
04. Armin feat. Nadia Ali - Who Is Watching (Dj Remy & Roland Klinkenberg Remix)
05. Dj Preach - Oxygen (Marco V Incharge's Remix)
06. Nova - Afrikamama
07. Jellisimo & Tim J - Walk My Talk
08. Nick Touch - Uh
09. Mhonolink - Zaza (Mhonolink Remix)
10. The Wolf - Pickup Artist

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