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Prog.House Mix: "DJ Bolivia - Hunt the Wumpus"

DJ Bolivia

TRIBE Member
Link to Download Source Page: http://www.djbolivia.ca/bolivia.html#wumpus

Direct Link to MP3: http://www.mta.ca/pub/music/DJ Bolivia - Hunt The Wumpus.mp3

RealPlayer Stream: http://www.mta.ca/pub/music/wumpus.ram

Track Listings:

01. Stan Kolev, “Shana.” (Original Mix).
02. Innate vs. Central Rush feat. Antonia Lewis, “End Of The Tunnel.” (Central Rush Mix).
03. Filo & Peri vs. Serge Devant, “Electric Funk.” (Original).
04. David Forbes & Mallorca Lee, “Hurricane.” (Scanners' Beduin Mix).
05. Transducers, “192Khz.”
06. Da Groovemakers, “Europe.” (Original).
07. Transducers, “See You Dance.”
08. David Ferriero, “Evolution Of The House Beats.” (Simon & Shaker Remix).
09. David Forbes & Mallorca Lee, “Go Out Get Fucked Up.” (Scanners' Original Mix).
10. Parallel Sounds & Matt Hammond feat. Lady Precise, “Party Goin’ On.” (Here Kitty Kitty Dub) then (Original).

Feedback on this mix is welcome ... even if you just want to say, "WTF? Where did that title come from?"

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