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Professional CAD Training Course?

Evil Dynovac

TRIBE Member
I need to learn the basics of CAD. I don't want to do it at a school like Ryerson or George Brown because their programs run at night or on the weekends and take a few months.

I need a course from a Professional training center. I need a program that will run for two or three weeks solid. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with such training programs or any advice as to where I should begin my search.

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If you're looking to take a course in order to put it on resume, etc ignore this.

However if you're taking the class to gain proficiency, I should warn you that you pretty much learn dick in those classes- your best bet is to learn it yourself and become comfortable with it through practice (find a friend who is comfortable with it, have him/her teach you a few basic commands, and go nuts- force yourself to do a project, etc entirely on CAD- after that you're set).

Evil Dynovac

TRIBE Member
I figure learning myself is a given but I need a course certificate in order to apply for a job I want. The job would give me the program and the computer to work on it but first I need the course.
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debunct: While microstation is more advanced, Autocad does not stink... Also, there are just so, so many jobs out there for microstation CAD techs... :) No, not really... Compared to Autocad...


Evil Dynovac

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Yeah thanks for all that help there Vern. This isn't the 'defend my mammoth nerd program' thread. It's the 'gimme good edumacation advice' thread.

The Tesseract

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Originally posted by Evil Dynovac
Are you serious or are you just being your usual assholic self?


ummmm column B.
I would never seriously suggest a for-profit education centre for a real technical skill.
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i am glad you know enough to recognize the differences between the two progams. i would never send someone to autocad training because more and more companies and governmental organizations are switching over because of autocad's archaic foundation. if you want a quick joe cadd job than definately take autocad but if you are thinking long term, microstation will take over soon enough. better to be trained for the future software. depends how you want to look at it.