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Producer of the Year


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I know this has already been done in other forums, but what the hey? So with that in mind, which producer blew your mind away this year? I couldn't just pick one, so here's my list:

Antoine Clamaran: I first heard this guy's production works in late 2000-early 2001, so I'm not sure if he deserves to be nominated for this year. But with tracks like Get Up, Trachade, Experience, What, and Dr Drum, it doesn't matter when these tracks were made, this guy is one sick producer.

Sebastien Leger: Just listen to "We Are" and you'll understand why he gets my nomination. Words can't describe the feelings I get when I hear this track.

Rubber Souls aka Jason Jinx: Jason Jinx comes out of retirement strong, with "Can U Relate"; hard and dirty tech-house at it's finest. I also enjoyed his other track "Modulate". I'm really looking forward to what he'll release in the new year.

Bryan Zentz: This guy could've easily scored a nomination in the Techno forum, however seeing as his tracks are so funky, I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt and regard him as a tech-house dj. Everglade, Goddess, Watch the Sun, and all his other productions are just dirty tracks plain and simple.

Hatiras: Following all his sucess with Spaced Invaderz, Hatiras came strong in 2001 with tracks like "Lost In Space" and his remix of "Uprocking Beats"; proving to the world that he's just not some one hit wonder and that he knows how to rock the dancefloor. Of course we all knew that, I'm just refering to those who haven't heard of his production works prior to Spaced Invaderz.

Well that's my list, other notables that didn't make the list include:

Wally Lopez, Stefano Gamma, Erick Davenport, CZR, Billy Lo, The Street Preacherz, Olav Basoski, and soooo much more.

Happy Holidays



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Sandy Rivera - Kings of Tomorrow - Finally

This song is fuking brilliant.

10 years from now, you will hear this song somewhere and memories(extremely good ones) will flood your mind, and a smile will stretch across your face.

...unless of course all that e that you've done has permanently damaged your brain and instead, 10 years from now you can't remember your own name... gee, that would suck
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more producers who got my attention

HALO-his last 2 releases on BLUE M are fawking killer...

DJ BUCK- never heard of him until this year, but god damn if i ever forget him now after his last few releases/re-mixes!


Bloom! Productions

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matthew herbert for his work on the album "bodily functions" and the remix of charles webster's "twenty first century blues"

metro area (morgan geist & darshan desrani) for their most recent work on derrick carter's classic label

as always kenny dixon jr and his work with norma jean bell in 2001

and kenny 'dope' gonzales for his remix work of billie holiday's "the child"

many more . . .



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Finally...people who study musik

I think there are alot of peeps who know the name of tracks and buy records...but it's great to know where the stuff originates from.

For me ... no doubt, it's Antoine Clamaran
(i think he put out the Vibration Inc stuff this year, more tribal)
and Hatiras...great guy, unbelievable mind when it comes to musik...
I talked to him last week and his album is coming out in February!!
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Paranoid Jack wins album of the year in my mind so there for he also wins producer of the year. Can't wait to see what he will do next.

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