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Ok here is a list of procedure that I think we should follow from now on if anyone has other ideas lets get them in here quick so everyone know what to do from now on.

Media Group Standards:

All press releases or other items for distribution should be posted to the board with a timeline for comments and changes as follows. Please name what the information is for e.g. Press Release, Media Kit, Flyer, Letter and the topic in the title of the string

Reason for piece
Who it's going out to ( press, ravers, allies etc.. )

P3 Title

- Body -

Rough Draft, or rewrite #
Date for release
Deadline for Comments - in bold

If we all follow this format with a new string for each item than we will keep the lines of communication open for everyone to have a voice in all matters and keep the flow of information clear and concise for everyone. I will suggest a deadline of no more than 48 hours for any release unless there is a major event and something need to be put out quickly. In that situation I think we will trust that the writer will post item as soon as possible and if there is no time for comments that our editors Alex and Don will catch any big discrepancies or problems and bring them to the forums or the writer attention.

All finished items should be posted in the finished items grouping. This is where so opinions would be good, is it better to have a folder for all finished media items or a separate forum so that all of the groups will know where to go for information?
Alex if we decide to go with a new forum can you make one for us on the Tribe board?

All new items or ideas should be brought to the board. You can check in there for updates on what people are doing or what needs to be done next. Also post problems that you run into or if you need help. We all have connections in different sections of the community and you never know who might be able to help. If there is something you want to make sure everyone gets please post to the board and send a message to the cell via email.

Please don't be shy about asking the other cells for help. If you need more information are unclear as to what they want or need for us / you or what there doing make sure you ask. If you can't find someone to talk to or need someone to track down info either contact me or post to our or their forum directly. If you receive information from the other cell please share with everyone here to make sure that we're all on the same page and sending the same message. Check the other PPP boards to see what there up to. If you can join some of the other meeting that go on just so that you can meet some of the other people involved and get and idea of how they work and what their doing that will help us to keep in touch.

We will post minutes following each meeting so if you can't make it than check the board the next day we'll try to get them up as quickly as possible. And I will try to continue to give updates as to assignments and next steps.

That's all I can think of for the moment. Please post all suggestions or ideas to the board.
416-337-2380 pager number call me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible
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