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Problems with cops


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I didn't really wake up today.

Frankly the only reason I know that it's Sunday is because I checked my phone.

Some guy was in my bed this morning. He was pretty handsome but it turns out he is straight. I know this because eventually we went out for dinner.

I didn't eat, because I went on a few coke runs today.

Well that guy who was in my bed scammed me to buy crack, so, yeah, smoked that. It was supposed to be 50/50, but, it obviously wasn't. Weird how you can't trust a crack smoker.

So anyway after dinner I walked directly into traffic. Not a smart thing to do, I admit. But traffic did stop for me (thank God). The sad part is that a cop was across the street and witnessed the whole thing.

cop> "You just walked into traffic!"
me> "So?"
cop> "Give me your ID"
me> "Hey, you remember that whole thing with the G20?"
At this point the cop seemed to get really mad. My buddy was like
buddy> "Shut up man"
me> "Have I violated any laws? Why are you detaining me?"

At this point the taxi drove away.

Well so thanks to the crack smoking nice guy who woke up in my bed, I did shut up and was NOT put in the drunk tank. Drunk tank in KW costs $70 and well, a few hours.

So the cop gave me some ticket, $50, for some kind of traffic violation. Then I did get into a taxi, and the driver was from Palestine.

Well fuck did we ever rail on the Jews and Israel. I mean I'm not anti-Jew, specifically, I hate all relgion equally. But fuck it was awesome to talk to this guy. He still charged me $20 for the ride though.

But I wanted to stay in his cab because I told him that

me> "Really, there is no God."
taxi> "Oh you are mistaken."

Whatever. I wasn't going to pay good money to convince some random Palestinian taxi driver that there's no god.

No, instead, I hired three gay boy prostitutes and a whole bunch more cocaine! I was talking to MoFo about this (he's really hot BTW). It's cheaper to hire gay boys to just dance around naked for all night than it is for sex. So anyway, my friends keep bugging me to get out of my office.


Interview on Friday sucked.

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It's true though, if I was a police officer I wouldn't be able to look myself in the mirror for at least.. 1-2 weeks after G20.



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Well somebody started a fire in my backyard so I had to check that out.

Contained, yes, cool, no.

I'm thinking I want to fire the entertainment. Seems like they are all friends and they do charge $500 for all night. That part is OK but not when they are starting fucking fires in my backyard.

The deal is they just have to be naked and entertain, but, im not entertained anymore. I don't think I can fire them tho.

Yeah so anyway, I haven't showered for three days. Ah, music is loud and seems like people are having fun. This cocaine isn't as good as yesterdays....

How much do gay boy prozzies cost in TO?

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OK well.. yup Today is Tuesday.

Yup you wanna ask me about partying? I can show you partying. One smell of me right now will confirm that something really fucking unnatural was going on the last couple days.

I feel really bad tho cause, I checked my email this morning and there was this guy who was repeatedly emailing me... Hmm vague memories of a random chat website and in the midst of talking shit it turned out this guy was actually pretty cool and smart. Oh and he's only 19. I guess that's one way for him to learn not to talk to internet creepers. By the time I figured out he was awesome I was way too deep into that lie lol. Ah poor guy he sounds really traumatized. On the upside I must be a pretty fucking convincing internet GF.

WELP. 5 days no food no meds. No more cocaine -- got a case of Labatt's here -- let's see what happens today.

Hopefully it includes a shower cause man, I'm ripe.



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Oh yeah... that fucking traffic ticket... I totally forgot about that...

Man what a waste of $50. Where is that thing? Can you pay tickets online?

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Bernnie Federko

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I came in here for my apparent shout-out. So where is it?