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Problems staying logged in?


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When I log in, I click "remember me". Everytime I leave the site and come back, I'm not logged in anymore.

Anyone else having troubles?
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no, but it's a known common problem.

I am having trouble clicking inside the reply message box. The bold/italics/underline boxes get highlighted and I can't do anything.


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the board is set to automatically log you off after 15min of no activity
it's a security measure against terrorists
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Aphrodite said:
this is really getting on my nerves

you really need to provide more information:

1) what browser are you using and operating system
2) what is your privacy level set at in your browser
3) are you accepting TRIBE cookies
4) after how much inactivity are you logged out
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There are several problems with the new firefox release 1.5x and vB boards. Hopefully FF will fix them in the future.

What you might want to try doing is deleting both cache and cookies in FF, and then shutting down firefox and restarting it. Shut down FF from the task manager. Sometimes multiple instances of firefox are running on your computer and this may present conflicts go into Windows task manager if using XP:

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del simultaneously
  2. Go to Processes
  3. Click on Image Name at the top of thew column and it will sort the processes alphabetically
  4. Select firefox.exe and hit End Process.
  5. When presented with the Warning popup hit the Yes button.
  6. Make sure you do this for all instances of firefox.exe that are running
  7. Close the task manager
  8. Restart FF as you normally would.

Sleepy Giant

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I have the same issue with two other boards running this version of vB. It's an annoyance and like alex said, hopefully FF fixes it with their next update.