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prob bets & super bowl party help


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Hey Guys. I'm going to a party and would like to have some fun prop bets but don't know how to make them work with a group of 20. We're all gonna bring 20 loonies and make 20 prop bets.

g0nz0, SJN, others?

How do I do this?

So let's say bet #1 is "over/under on the length of the anthem 2:10".

Let's say 10 people bet on over and 10 on under.

After bet 1, the losers give up their loonies.

What if 5 people bet on the right one and 15 on the wrong one, does that mean those 5 people split the $15 pot?

That's all I'm confused about.
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The best thing to do is force individuals to bet head to head against each other.

Make a "sign up" list for each prop bet.

Every person MUST lay down 20 loonies, but must also find a person to take the other side of the bet. They can go heavy on one (betting vs. multiple people), or scatter them around. Pairs sign up for each side of the prop bet. This will absolve you from having to split pots and do math while drunk.

If you have a early enough start, it will also give people something to talk about for the party while they sort out their "picks"



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here is our $10 pool


https://www.dropbox.com/s/l4mgyil3ikdtaek/Super Bowl XLVII Proposition.doc
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How do you play squares?

Football Squares | Super Bowl Squares | Play Football Squares Online

And I would add the following to the explaination:

- You're not going to get everyone to email their picks in time so I would have them do it in person before the game
- Draw out the grid on a bristol board and bring it to the party
- Group of 20, each person gets 5 squares, $1 per square works out well.
- to randomly assign numbers to the grid write down 0-9 on a pieces of paper and put it in a hat. Do it for the top row then repeat for the column.