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pro toolz


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anyone have a Pro Tools LE 6.9 file that they use when recording there mix sets with optimal settings are ready done?
I dont know how to make it so it process the eq while it records..and to add wormth to it..it records low levels on my pPC and im looking to see maybe if I take alook at another one that someone uses i can use PTLE better
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low levels wouldn't point to a problem with your session file. make sure you have your inputs on the mbox set correctly and that you're getting good level out of your mixer.

inserts come after input. so if you want to EQ while recording (i don't recommend this, you should do it afterwards), you have to set up an Aux track with the EQ plug-in, and then bus that to the Audio track that you are recording to.


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EQ a mix set

ya... I saw how to do an eq for after...

but how do you eq a mix set?

my line levels are good..its at +6db

and its comming from a Xone:92 record out.

so its gotta best i can do...(gold tip monster cabels..)