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Pro quality Hafler power amp with UK made MISSION bookshelf speakers $150


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Pro quality Hafler Pro1200 power amp with UK made MISSION bookshelf speakers $150 Leslieville

A fabulously clean sounding Hafler Pro1200 power amp and 2 MISSION bookshelf speakers (Made in UK).

All you need to do is plug in your phone or ipod (get a 1/8" stereo to RCA cable).

This is a nicely matched system, perfect size for an apartment, small condo, basement man cave, or small retail shop. Clean perfect audio.

Used but gently cared for. I am located at Greenwood and Queen St.
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Looks sweet

I am getting a woofer sent to my repair shop for a mission speaker, great brand with hard to match pedigree for sure!

In my M52 tower the woofer is kind of particular, so getting it shipped from Australia. Had some animal related damage lol

Good luck with the sale looks great!