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Private Health Care at its Finest


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This is a real beauty coming from an LA hospital:

AP) LOS ANGELES A video camera has recorded a 63-year-old hospital patient dressed only in a gown and slippers being dumped onto a street in Los Angeles' downtown skid row.

Officials from Kaiser Permanente's Bellflower hospital apologized for the Monday incident that authorities revealed at a news conference Wednesday.

The issue of dumping people released from jails and hospitals onto skid row surfaced in September, when an L.A. police official publicly complained about it.

Monday's incident was recorded by a camera mounted outside the downtown Union Rescue Mission.

It shows a taxicab making a U-turn and driving out of camera view.

Moments later, a woman appears from the direction of the cab, wandering for about three minutes on a street and a sidewalk before mission staff take her inside the building.

Linky here

Kaiser Permanente is one of the largest private health care providers in the US. They have hospitals throughout the country. I suspect this incident isn't so much a rare act, but more rare in that they got caught.
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