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prince paul


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is anyone hitting this up? i'll be there..


Prince Paul began his prolific musical career with legendary Brooklyn rappers Stetsasonic, but it wasn’t until he was enlisted in the production of De La Soul’s debut album 3 Feet High And Rising that he would be recognized for the eclectic sound he is known for. Paul’s sound is a masterfully mixed collage of everything from funky soul, old school tracks, breakbeats to samples from children’s records. In addition to the aforementioned, Paul was part of super-group The Gravediggaz (with Wu-Tang's RZA) and most recently The Handsome Boy Modelling School (with Dan The Automator). He has also released some of hip-hop’s most ground-breaking albums: Psychoanalysis, A Prince Of Thieves and Politics Of The Business.

Saturday January 17, 2003
Klinik @ The Sound Emporium (360 Adelaide Street West - backdoor)
Tickets are $15 in advance and are available at:
Play da Record, Rotate This, Vice, Sonic Temple, Shanti Baba and Ed’s Record World
Doors 10:00 p.m., 19+ with I.D.
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sure - the response has been overwhelming ... i'll see everybody at the party..

on another note: ?uestlove tonight at una mas, but i think i might just head over to roxy for some circle research beats...
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rei, was it anything like his politics of .. cd where he's giving you a coherent story, or was it just a mix bag of performance style songs?

i would've liked to have gone, but i went to the guvernment to get my package fondled by security instead