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Prince dead at 57


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i remember getting his tape from mac's milk. they used to have a deal where if you got a giant slushy you could buy a tape for like 14.99. also got a zz top tape the same way

Klubmasta Will

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oh my god. horrible news. so young!!!

i am thankful to have seen him perform live. he was one of the greatest of all time.

i wonder what the circumstances were. 57 seems far too young to die of natural causes and he looked healthy.


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Gutted, I really wanted to get tickets for the piano performance and when we couldn't we decided next time he's in town we would see him live.


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Tried to find the Let's Go Crazy video on Youtube to post but I guess Youtube isn't allowed to post any Prince videos :(

rave jedi

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RIP. Definitely sad news, especially because I really wanted to see him when he played 2 shows here last month on Good Friday (March 25). Unfortunately, I didn't go because I was bitching in the "Nobody Cares" thread his ticket prices were too expensive.

I've seen lots of concerts in my life. However, I regret to say I haven't seen the "two greats" Michael Jackson and Prince live in a concert. :(

Favorite Prince song that I often sing when I think nobody is around is "Raspberry Beret". LOL

Probably the closest these 2 iconic music legends Michael Jackson and Prince came to sharing a stage was back in 1983.



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Bloor Cinemas is showing Purple Rain this saturday at 10 pm.
if i weren't going to Krafty Kuts, i'd be there in a heartbeat.

rave jedi

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Ping Pong? I love it.
Sorry, I don't have a clip or anything but I remember Jimmy Fallon (my least favorite late night talk show host because he kisses ass too much to A-list celebrities) was telling his amazing Ping Pong match story with Prince to Jay Leno during an interview