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Prime Numbers - Mattyson - DJ MIX


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Hello friends!

Check out my latest mix and let me know what you think. A soulful slow burner great for end of summer road trips and kitchen dance parties!




08/14/2015 - 1:02:32

1 - Macromism - Roll Tabor (Sante Remix)
2 - Oliver Dollar, Jimi Jules - Soggy Cereal (Original Mix)
3 - Tiger Stripes, Pleasurekraft - Primed (Original Mix)
4 - Stefano Noferini, Charles Ramirez - Insane (Charles Ramirez Vision)
5 - Pele, Findling - Deep Sea (Sante Remix)
6 - Kevin Knapp - Heft (Original Mix)
7 - DJ T. - Try to Understand (&Me Remix)
8 - Darlyn Vlys - Piccadilly Line (Original Mix)
9 - Charles Ramirez, J.Nandez - One Dream (Original Mix)
10 - Nick Curly - Underground (Original Mix)
11 - Ramon Tapia - Simbiosis (Original Mix)
12 - Sid Le Rock - Secret Sauce (Original Mix)
13 - DJ PP - Thiago (Original Mix)
14 - Barem - A (Dubfire Remix)
15 - Jesse Rose, Oliver $ - Park My Car

Mixed by Mattyson on:
2x Pioneer CDJ800
Allen & Heath Xone 42 Mixer

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


TRIBE Member
I'm confused by this one. The straght lampin set was by and beyond the greatest set I've heard.

Looks almost like this is a follow up to that.

But you can't play it the same way. Anyway, someone's gotta let you loose on a system. Toronto Island, or whatever.

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