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Holy craziest weekend. This was my first taste at a Pride Weekend, and it was SWEET. We partied it up on Church both Friday and Sunday....madness I tell you!

Friday we didn't get too much of a taste of what Pride was because we discovered more fun was to be had a the one like Jeffsus' apartment (thanks for being such a gracious host)...however it was wild being in the middle of a celebration of such a nature. From little children running around with rainbow beads to 70 year old drag queens...everyone was having an amazing time.

Sunday was such a party. So much to take in, so many martinis to be consumed, so much overwhelming desire to get my nipples pierced (!!)... pure fun.

The crowds were great, so diverse, so unique...my only complaint was the lack of hot lesbian action. Where were all the hot girls making out?

Alas, we consumed, we partied, such was Pride.



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copius amounts of alchohol, weed, sunlight, tons of smiling faces and of course breaking free from comformity

thats what its all about......


good times were had by all.

I made it down to the parade on sunday but only caught the last 30 minutes of it, then I had to make my way back to the burbs to drop off my friend. It was pretty cool. Some of the floats were really cool looking as well and so were the costumes. I kind of wished that I could have been able to stick around and party it up a bit afterwards though...


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Pride was amazing - only made it to the parade on Sunday where I spent most of the day with some friends glued to the beer tent. The people were amazing, the vibe was so friendly, and the rest is kind of hazy.

Very hung over today - but it was totally worth it!! Will be back next year for sure

ecstasy riot

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So many hot women.

So many old crushes I saw that I hadn't seen in forever. Ohhhhh lord.... It was one giant party, and what better way to celebrate then with the one like Aphrodite.

Anyone who didn't go, why? It was sooo much fun. So glad to see so many people, from high school especially.

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Phun-kay:
Sunday where I spent most of the day with some friends glued to the beer tent. </font>
looks like we have something in common



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What a brilliant time!!!!!!

I headed off to Unity, took the shuttle and barely made it for last call.. The set up was a lot more simple than I expected, but more detailed in a lot of ways. There was simply the main room and a little chill out area outside in the large hallway. But the little details meant so much.

Honey Dijion and Matt C had the chill room, they were great. Honey Dijion is always a good time (though there are some mixes that are just awfully bumpy) and as usual, my fav DJ in Toronto: Matt C is just so in tune with the people and his mixing is so unbelievable. I actually stop to hear his mixes...

Inside...I didn't catch all the names...I loved Tracy Young's set, loved it loved it loved it. She had amazing skills and great tracks, the mixes were tight, the vibe was right ON! Manny Lehman was very good too. ummmm, Mark Anthony has got to go, he was terrible. ugggghhh. but then he made me appreciate and spend a lot more time in the chill room with Matt C.

It was a lot smaller crowd than I expected (even so it was still a big party). The trade centre is so much better than the automotive building. It was very interesting to catch sunrise through all the windows while dancing in the chill out area. It was like going to a barn party.

I partied until close, made a alot of new friends, found some old ones. dimpy rocks! she owned the place, with her positive vibe and fabulous style and moves! And I finally met AlexD (the infamous). Partied with some new friends I made in the bathroom for the rest of the morning after the party.

Missed the parade entirely.
chicletcall me back! I'm
sorry, I hope you had a good time anyways. I ended up just milling about the street parties for most of the afternoon.

And I can't help but reconsider this whole being straight thing. Gay men are fabulous! Women...straight, lesbian, or bi- are wonderful. Why would anyone want straight men? damn my heterosexuality!


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And it's been a while since I've been to a party like this... where everybody is just watching everybody else, and flirting is a past time, not something objectionable per se. People actually compliment each other and dance with strangers - what a rush when you and someone else connect simply by the movement of your body in time!

It was certainly strange not being abel to pick out where the DJ was, but I eventually found it.

The stage show was so amazing. motorcycles circling within a cage, this guy running on a massive swinging pendulum (that went all the way around) and eventually doing it blindfolded.

I need more gay clubs in my life again.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by dora:
I need more gay clubs in my life again.</font>
Tell me about it!

Dora, I'm glad you had fun hun!

Too bad you partied so hard at Unity you didn't make it on the TRIP float w/ us!!! Soooo much fun!

And the PRIDE nipple piercing bug seemed to be almost epidemic, lol!

I witnessed 3 nipples get pierced that day... vely vely iiinterestiiiing


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by dora:
What a brilliant time!!!!!!

And I can't help but reconsider this whole being straight thing. Gay men are fabulous! Women...straight, lesbian, or bi- are wonderful. Why would anyone want straight men? damn my heterosexuality!
Thanks for remembering bi women... it's nice to be ackowledged.
As for Pride, does anyone else have a problem with the fact that you can't bloody move a step on Church on Sunday? It's not like I don't like crowds, but I prefer it when the crowd in in is all dancing to the same beat, not merely acting as human congestion.