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Pride, who was good, who was bad?


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i don't know what it is about deko-ze, but when i saw him on the leather ball float, i was mesmerized and i continued to be in a daze watching him at the church/wellesley stage in the evening.

which is *not* to downplay any of the rest of the weekend. still in a state of bliss.:)

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What a fucking party!

Peter Rauhofer is an excellent DJ/producer from New York City. His list of remixes and productions are full of floor filling anthems. And with great anticipation, I ventured to the Pride closing party @ Guvernment ready to be assaulted with dirty tribal beats.

I arrived at Guvernment around 3am after having a fun filled (but drug free) day at the Mystery Entertainment boat cruise, the Docks, and then Fluid. The cover was $60.

As soon as I walked in the place, I remembered how I fell in love with Guvernment all those years ago. The sound system and lighting are truly amazing and takes you to another level. Hearing Peter pound out most of his productions on that sweet, sweet system was euphoric for me. Everyone's loving his Duran Duran remix of What Happens tomorrow, and when it was dropped around 4 or so the place just fucking went mental. Gay guys are amazing, amazing dancers and just watching the place go off like that was incredible.

I was really tired from my day/night, but I found energy deep down to grind it out and dance my ass off. Around 5:30 or so I was going to leave, but then he played some filthy tribal stuff and I danced my ass off.

The ironic thing is that Peter didn't really play the diva anthems all that much. There were plenty and plenty of drums, and it made me think I was listening to Steve Lawler. He played an a remix of Avenue D - Do I look like a Slut? that I've never heard before and I desperately want to hear again.

Peter's mixing is smooth and sexy. His track selection was on point as well. All and all the man knows what he is doing.

Can't wait until next year (or a road trip to Montreal).

Thanks Ali!


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Originally posted by nate
anyone know the last track dan played....had an electroliners sample in it.....killer!!

I'm thinking that it's a personal bootleg of Loose Caboose because there was nuff politics between Dan and Jim Hopkins when the original came out.

Dope tune none the less.




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I had an amazing time at pride…I always do

Brought my mom to the parade this year, and she loved it.
Stayed at the parade for as long as I could but I had to use the washroom (since I had been drinking wine throughout the parade). I figured there was no point in trying to squeeze my way back up to the front so I headed over to Church and Wellsley.

I love partying outside!!! It’s such a nice change from being in a stuffy club and plus the weather was absolutely beautiful. I had an absolute blast drinking on the street and dancing to DJ Dan.

Sometimes I wish pride was every weekend
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blockorama party @ maitland (betw. chruch and yonge) was off the f'ing hook once again! amazing vibe, good peeps and sweet tunes despite some techincal issues.

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I'm just getting back to normal after a totally wicked weekend.

Friday night's Eden party was a good time, not too rammed, happy, fun crowd, lots of fun diva anthems. Mark Falco always does a good job, and he was more consistent with the energy level than Barry Harris, who was fun, but nothing memorable.

Checked out Skipper's set on Saturday - she did a great job and the lot filled up alot when she was playing. The Cawthra beer gardens was a heapload of fun as always, a million lovely ladies to look at, tons of old friends to see and made a bunch of new ones.

Totally drunk and stoned at 6pm so we decided the best course of action was to just keep on drinking – ended up at Zippers of all places, thank to some fun fags from Cleveland who got us illicit armbands. Hey no lineup, no cover - I'll take it. Cory Activate played tons of Cher, Madonna etc. which had the boys going crazy. I'm almost embarrassed to say that I danced my ass off the hardest when Abba came on. Pride does it to me everytime.

I marched near the front of the parade on Sunday, which was totally awesome. I felt like a rockstar!! There's literally hundreds of photos of me floating around out there somewhere, taken by random people who will never see me again but whatever...

Did the beer garden thing with a bunch of peeps I haven't seen in a while, checked out DJ Dan and danced for a bit, and then headed down for FunkAsia at the South beer garden.

I have to say, SOME of the songs DJ Zahra did were fun, Indian/groovy/danceable stuff, but then all of a sudden she breaks in with AC/DC??? Or "Jump Around"?? WTF?? It was totally weird, and wrecked the vibe. That and the lecherous drunk str8 guys who wouldn't leave me and my girl alone... c'mon... it's Pride... don't hassle me just this one day of the year. We got blasted nonetheless and did the obligatory final walk up the street for greasy street food and crashed sometime this morning.

Lucky for us, we took today off and nursed our hangovers at the Beach. I still don't have a voice, but I can say for the record it was one of the best prides ever. Glad to see everyone else's was good too. Who doesn't love Pride????

Big Primpin on Sunday was the fkkn bomb.

The last performance dance routine was amazing, but I don't know if the group was actually called gonorama or not.

And the guys were hot. Well, I was anyway.

why not

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Originally posted by Dam That SnarkEE Kid
Big Primpin on Sunday was the fkkn bomb.

The last performance dance routine was amazing, but I don't know if the group was actually called gonorama or not.

And the guys were hot. Well, I was anyway.

probably fritz helder.

short little black dude with lots of attitude?

so pissed i keep missing him.
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Originally posted by ~Loress~

that is all.

that's not what i heard, lawn sleeping crew!! :p

originally posted by gfunkdiva:
That and the lecherous drunk str8 guys who wouldn't leave me and my girl alone...

UGH!!! those guys were soooooo gross!!

"are youuuu a lesssssssbian??? can i have a kiss on the cheek?"

i've never wanted to scrub my face with a bucket of bleach and a wire brush so badly in my whole life.

other than that, i had an amazing time! big ups to everyone we chilled with throughout the day and into the night. today's been a long, smoldering, and sweltering recovery!

i already can't wait for next year!!


miss riot

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So much fucking fun, Pride ended with my partner feeding me quinoa half asleep after I spent the evening drinking gin & lychee juice cos who can eat when you've been drunk for two days. so i missed big primpin cos i thought i was going to study for my huge exam but then when descartes became vesalius and leeuwenhooke became an ovist i realized i didn't what's what.

work was the brutalness on monday.

so much fun - saturday night went to see xiu xiu at poor alex after work then to juicy at el mo but it was pretty dead when we got there so off we frolicked in our drunken madness to andy poolhall for Savour for some crazy crazy hot music from dj dalia & denise benson.

so much booze & craziness of the dancefloor & so many hot girls. ouch. so much naughtiness.

barely slept then woke up to my friend's cats walking all over my face, got dressed, started drinking and got downtown to spend hours at the 519 beer garden (my fave one for years now) and to see dj dan who tore it up hardcore. He's also so on point.

I love you Pride.

I love you.


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anyone else find it a bit odd that the conservative party had some presence in the parade?


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Originally posted by JESuX
that's not what i heard, lawn sleeping crew!! :p

you'd desperately need a nap too after the amount of alcohol, weed and food that was consumed! oy!

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What a party!

Toronto is a top notch city.

What an event.

Methinks there are more heteros checking this party out than homos!

All I can say is with music pumping like this in the street.....You can't help but convince the masses.

I saw an 80 year old woman standing and watching. She was mesmorized by the beats and the body jackin'. She stood there and just smiled at me.

I saw a four year old girl within the grasp of her father's hands bopping and kicking and shaking uncontrollably to the beat. She just couldn't stop. He was trying to take her home and she would cry as he would attempt to move her away from DJ Dan's beats!

Heck, I was hit on by a gay dude and we laughed the evening away when I told him I was straight. Good times!

DJ Dan - van damn!
Dekoze - geeze louise
Jello - never mello!

So good to party outside with all my peeps. Just pour the booze in a cup of flask for good measure. Can't believe how friendly the ladies were either! Lez or straight....it really didn't matter.

What an event! So glad I went!

P.S. I believe Dekoze played a track....that was Prince....but not sung by Prince. Female voices. Can anyone help? If not Prince...it's got that vibe. Help!


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The three sound guys from Westward were REALLY good though and did everything could from fixing shit to going toe to toe with officers trying to make it louder. They get props for doing their best to throw a good street jam.

You fucking said it Timmy... talk about difference... going from "TURN IT DOWN" by MLS enforcers... to the Main Stage and them saying "You're too QUIET>.... TURN IT UP!" (plus as much booze as one could drink.... talk about stark differences by about 2 blocks!)

Big thanks to Jelo for keeping that stage alive and the decks/mixer from overheating... (good call on the pizza boxes)

Pride is always a good time.


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I don't want to skimp on the details of such a wealth of fun and goodness, but there's just so much to say, and only so much brain power left with which to screw together coherent sentences...

i really wanted to see the scandelles at 3 pm on sat, but there was a rental at the studio from 4 to 6. so i met thom and we hauled our asses down to church for 7 to see lesbians on ecstasy who were much fun: balls out hard rock, with dnb tracks underlaid and geeky linux-promoting lyrics. quite Peaches-y. then we had to run an errand and tried to get back for chiclet, and would have made the last of her set if it wasn't for a big ole wait in line to get into the parking lot. but we did get in eventually and chatted with sexy sexy tribers.

then we met up with my friend Adam, who wanted us to go to buddies, but then there was mass chaos outsideof buddies. we got the bouncer to let adam duck in to talk to our friend who was working, and he emerged with tickets for us, so we joined the amorphous mass of people that was ostensibly the ticket holders line. after some time they came out and announced that they were at capacity, so you weren't getting in even if you had a ticket, which made some people who had paid for their tickets quite irate. we chatted with some people we knew in the parkette for a while, as all the angry waiters dispersed, and then lo and behold! they were letting people with tickets in! we went in and they weren't anywhere near capacity, they must have just been saying that to get the mob of people blocking the entrance and harassing security to go away. i danced to madonna, depeche mode, the killers, i moshed with gay boys to nirvana, it was grand.

on sunday the crew was supposed to assemble at my place at 4, but you can't give gay boys on pride a timeline for getting ready: the last couple didn't arrive till almost 5, so we didn't get to the wellesley stage till 6:30: and it was a sight to behold! I've never gotten there so late before, so I've never seen it so packed upon first arrival.

of course the first thing that happens is that the group gets all split up, so thom and i spent some time going with the flow of the crowd, talking to this group of peeps here, that group over there, many of them y'all and lovely to see you. we then used tribers to weasel ourselves a dancing spot up front, but 'dancing' was a euphemism for 'bopping up and down to the music, because you can't move horizontally any direction for the mass of people.' so my need for a semblance of personal space got the best of me, and we watched from the side a bit, which was great cuz we got a great view of deko-ze in all his chain mail chaps glory. we rejoined our crew and danced some more, but while there was more room that up front, there still wasn't enough space to really get into it.

jelo started out nice n hard, but the volume issues kicked me the rest of the way out of dancing mode. thom and i ducked around the corner to sit on the curb, enjoy some personal space, people watch and still hear the last of the considerably dampened set. then we hooked back up with the rest of the crew, and headed back to ours for some after party goodness.

it was fabulous fun, as always. pride's my favourite time of year, and now i just have to wait for the next one!


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I had a blast! Some drama to end the weekend and some sketchy looking people I am sure to see in a future bad dream!
Good times!!
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