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Pride - Sunday - OMG - wheeeeee


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i don't have much to contribute as far as discussion tonite, but can definitely say that was fun. four years I've been away from the city for the madness that is this sunday, and being around for this one I can easily remember why I love this town, these people and the unabashed atmosphere that is pride.
amazing, amazing, amazing.
everyone who's still out there at church and wellesley, I know you're having a blast.
my pictures to follow tomorrow or tuesday....



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I had to leave because I was just tooo drunk.
No dinner + $30 of gin in a tonic bottle on the street = one drunk gal.

Apologies to those who I offended tonight.

Josh played spastik. SPASTIK! NO ONE UNDERSTOOD. lol


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yay! what a great day. first a little bit of the parade, then back to my friend's house for some drinks, then out onto church street for shennanigans. jelo was SO MUCH FUCKING FUN! :D


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haha. ya, finding affordable food on the way home when you have spent all your cash on booze (after the premix grape juice bottle) was a bitch. however, yet another fun pride. i look forward to this day every summer.

the Doctor

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Can't. stop. dancing. ... ...

What a fantastic day, afternoon, evening. It just kept getting better and better until the only option was to leave before my head exploded :D

Started out with nice cold beers at 5ish in the College and Carlton Beer tent. My apologies to the people standing in line behind me, as our small group of 2 turned into a raucous group of, like, 15. Finished off DeKoze's (first) set, to be suprised by Ultra Nate (i had no IDEA!)... MY personal highlight was hearing "You're freeeeee to do whatchu got to do .. you got to live your liiiiife, do whatchu got to do" (fuck i love that song!)

Ate some french fries, fed my dress a few while I was at it (thanks Allison for keeping me clean) and then we busted a move to the open stage at Church and Wellesley where sister Kris joined the party. What a fucking time. Dekoze was amazing, Dr. Trance - same, and Jelo - wow. Couldn't stop dancing :) Watched a few guys make out, saw some naked breasts - Pride is such a show. As the night closed, I jumped on my bike and managed to beat almost everyone else who left to go the Activate afterparty, so I warmed up a few seats until the crowd arrived. Things were just starting to get warmed up when I left at 12:30, all for a good cause - the health of my voice and work tomorrow - ugh.

All in all, an amazing weekend. Happy Pride :D
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i highly regret not going now.
considering my whole fucking plan to sleep early turned into me not being ABLE to sleep.
FUCK YOU work.
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super crazy awesome evening.
however, i am now at home puking my guts out because i thought that eating a delicious combination of beef jerky, pistachios, and m&m's was a good idea before bed.
buuuuut....regardless, wow. and i hear that m lounge was freakin awesome. yay!!!


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i am so über bummed. i got out of Sonic around 11am and went over to Dave's to watch some soccer. then went home, smoked a J and i wasn't going to bed, but i took a shower and thought a LITTLE nap was in order.... you know, just an hour til 4 or something.

i'm a retard and didn't put on my alarm... :( :( :( woke up at 10pm -- SO PISSED!!!!

i didn't get to wear my pride outfit. :(


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What a party....

Shout outs to Vinder, the Watcher......
So many good times....
Dr. Trance should maybe head back into retirement...
I will post some pictures soon.....

Dekoze, Jelo, and DJ TK (my first time seeing her) all rocked it...

A mayhem of muscle and sexy boobies......

This is the best party of the year on the streets folks....!


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Yesterday was EXACTLY what I needed after working my ass off since mid-week...

I have a cut on the bottom of my foot, a gouge in my left index finger, and a hangover that could own lindsay lohan...but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Caught the last bit of TK as I arrived at the stage (awesome to hear Mish Mash's 'Speechless', good call...) And with Dr. Trance in retirement, it was time for Don Berns to make an appearance...and did he ever! Those tracks he was dropping were stellar! (wtf was that remix of Big Country!??!)

Then Deko-ze and Jelo proceeded to rip Church & Wellesley a new one (no pun intended), while thousands of hot (literally and figuratively) and sweaty partiers danced their asses off, myself included...great to see so many smiling faces, and to me that's what pride is all about...I wish it didn't have to end!

technics1200 baconpan technics1200 baconpan technics1200 baconpan

p.s. SPASTIK!!!
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had a great time spent most of it at the main stage Dekoze killed it, then Jelo came on and played plastikman which I hadn't heard in ages. this appeared to be the biggest pride yet, people everywhere and super friendly. Thank's to everyone for the good company.

just the way it should be,


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I am still in awe...plastikman was played at pride. it doesn't get much better than that! I wish I had got it on video, people were going apeshit!!


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it appears as though zanta cannot throw proper punches. All the bruises are on his pinky/ring finger knuckles.

lol. weeeeaaaaaaak! :)
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Best. Pride. Ever.
Saw everyone I wanted to see, and nobody I didn't want to see :)
Danced my ass off all day Sunday, but my body shut down shortly after 8pm.
Excessive drinking + Sunlight do not mix well together for me.
Gotta love email-sean's "his sign is gay" sign for the bible-thumping/cousin-humping protester.


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Those pics are wikkid

Put in an afternoon session on Church, started the wander with our own beers then caught up with the crew and moved to the mini tent next to the beer store after it closed. For all who missed it this was where the party was! Funky beats, fun as hell people, sand between the toes, lot's of shade and no lineups...like a VIP section...for extra entertainment there was even a pushup contest between Zanta and a cowboy sporting his assless chaps...good times...finished off the day boozy at about 7:30 with the end of Dr. Trance's set and the start of Deko-Ze, wish we could have stayed longer but I'm a daytime person not a nighttime person.

A Fox sighting made a great day even better, next year I'm taking the Monday off.


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Great time.... as always.

The Church / Wellsley stage is always the best party during the Pride celebrations, and this year was once again right on the mark.

It was awsome to hear the Dr. drop the remix of Born Slippy with the Pink Floyd sample... I love that tune so much..


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That was crazy fun!

My feet are destroyed, and McDonalds Orange Drink was my best friend ever yesterday.

What a party yesterday was!

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