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Press Gallery vs. var Cabinet Staff


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Today... 7p.m. at Parliament.
Playing soccer.

Refuse them questions, but give them bbq's and soccer games to endear them to you in hopes that they will just accept it?

and will they?

Anyhoo... I'm off to take some pictures, I'll check in with y'all later...
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bah.... no big names in the game, but i'm not too surprised. Also not surprising is just how painful this game is to watch; with rare exception there's no skill on the ball, everyone just moves around the field in a big huddle following the ball like a moth to light.

Anyhoo, for anyone interested it's currently half time and the press gallery is up 2-1.

Goal Breakdown (so far)
17min - Press - a bit of nice passing up the middle to lead to a pretty good strike with no chance for the keeper.
32min - Press - now this goal was funny... a ball was played into the box where there were quite a few players just fumbling with the ball before the conservative keeper collected it well. What the keeper didn't do well was to place the ball on the ground and wait for the box to clear like it was a goal kick - However the ball was still in play and one alert press guy jumped on it and blasted a nice easy goal into the net... hahaha'
36min - Conservatives - This was just a penalty kick goal resulting from an unintentional hand ball inside of the press box.

I can't bring myself to watch anymore of this game, so I'm out and will get an update from my housemate when he gets home.