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Press Confrence


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Ok this is it for tonight
I got this off the TDSC general forum for those of you who haven't had the chance to read it yet.

From Will
councillor olivia chow held a VERY interesting meeting tonight. we met with representatives from other cultural communities that would also be affected by the proposed provincial "raves act" (i.e bill 73). representatives from the circuit party scene, pride day, the unity party, caribana, fashion cares, etc. all came out to talk.

we figured the meeting would go in one of two directions - the various communities could have said "hey, this legislation should not be applying to my events, we should work toward tightening up the definition of
'rave' so that my scene will not be affected" or they could say "they are targetting a marginalized community and this is unacceptable so we will rally our community and stand WITH the rave scene in opposing this bill".

fortunately, they chose the latter.

so now we are planning a press conference at which representatives from all of these different groups - and these are groups with a significant amount of political clout - will be speaking out against the provincial bill.

the tentative date for the press conference is this coming monday, june 12 but we will push it back if that is not enough time. should be interesting. post your thoughts.

Klubmasta Will
So what do we want to do with this definatly press releases but maybe this is a point to sell to some of the weekly's this is a big step, we're getting all of the part of the "after hours" scene in toronto together to fight this bill and what it means. Lets take full advantage!

Mark McC

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i meant to mention last night that I have seen one instance of Clubland mobilization -- the latest flyer for Tonic's "For Those Who Know" series features a brief on Bill 73 and a call to action to contact Pupatello. Not too shabby, all in all.
Thus, Tonic might top the list of clubs we approach for support.